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Community supports treatment of 12-year-old Hanna Tringhese for inoperable brain tumor

BOARDMAN, Ohio (WKBN) — On Sunday, the Hannah Strong Foundation hosted a spaghetti dinner fundraiser at Boardman Park to support her treatment.

Hannah Tringhese is 12 years old and has an inoperable brain tumor.

A Christmas-themed spaghetti dinner raises ongoing medical bills. In addition to her inoperable tumor, she also has neurofibromatosis, a genetic disorder that causes tumors around nerves.

“She’s going to take this with her. She’s inoperable, so we’ll continue to raise money for her visits and hospital bills.” Throughout their lives, they just keep adding.

Tringhese was diagnosed with neurofibromatosis when he was five years old.

“She started to lose some of her sight, she started to lose some of her sense of smell and taste. As things progress, new things will happen,” Lucas said.

Tringhese has to travel to Cincinnati once a month for extensive testing. The money they raise will be used to support their treatment.

“Every penny goes to the Tringuez family for everything from Hannah’s medical bills to her travel expenses until her tests are completed,” Lucas said.

Lucas said it was special to see the community support the Tringes family.

“It feels good to help, it feels good to serve this family. I know this family personally and they would do anything for anyone,” she said. .

According to Lucas, Thringes is always adapting to his condition.

“She’s learning new things, mastering them, getting great grades, and learning how to carry this on her shoulders and go about her daily life,” she said.

The Hannah Strong Foundation will host more fundraising activities early in the year so Hannah’s family can continue treatment without worry.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/community-supports-local-girl-with-inoperable-tumor/ Community supports treatment of 12-year-old Hanna Tringhese for inoperable brain tumor

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