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Community performs acts of kindness to remember University of Idaho student killed on ‘Muddy Mayday’ – The Morning Call

MOSCOW, Idaho (AP) — The family of one of the four University of Idaho students who died in a stabbing last fall remembers the joy she brought to others, not the grief caused by her absence. wanted to find a way to celebrate her birthday.

So earlier this month, Madison Morgen’s family announced the creation of Muddy May Day, asking people to do a random act of kindness in his memory every May 25.

The idea quickly spread across social media sites, and on Thursday, hashtags for Muddy May Day and fun stories of people doing good deeds began trickling in. A donation was made to a military-focused charity in Morgen’s name. A planter of pink flowers (Morgen’s favorite color) and a sign marking the day were dropped for display at a coffee shop in northern Idaho. A granddaughter who brought a surprise bouquet to her grandmother while she was at work. Donuts and other treats purchased for her co-workers.

The Morgens said on the website MaddieMayDay.com that “no money is being moved and there is no need to do anything specific anywhere.” “It’s beautiful in its simplicity. It’s effective and powerful.”

Morgen was murdered in his home near the University of Idaho campus on November 13, 2022, along with friends Cary Gonsalves, Xana Carnodor, and Ethan Chapin. Brian Coberger, a former doctoral student studying criminology at nearby Washington State University, was arrested weeks later and charged with four counts of first-degree murder in connection with the death.

“We were so lucky to have her in our lives during this time,” Maddie’s father, Ben Morgen, said. “This is the most difficult thing we have ever experienced and it is very important to be close to her loved ones and family at times like these. I will take care of her in the best possible way.” I want to remember and tell you.”

https://www.mcall.com/2023/05/26/community-commits-kind-acts-to-honor-slain-university-of-idaho-student-for-maddie-may-day/ Community performs acts of kindness to remember University of Idaho student killed on ‘Muddy Mayday’ – The Morning Call

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