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Central Pa Humane Society raises money for veterinary care

Altoona, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Central PA Humanitarian Society seeks public cooperation to collect medical expenses.

Currently, the shelter has several dogs and cats who are sick and in need of medical attention. The shelter has two veterinarians to provide the care it needs. For this reason, the association has launched a medical fund campaign to ensure the care of the animals.

“We desperately need financial donations, blankets, kitty litter, sheets, scrubbing towels, etc. Any help the community can give us because those things are really important. Thank you,” said Becky Felton, outreach director for the Central Pennsylvania Humanitarian Center. society said.

According to their Facebook page, some of the animals they hope to help are:

lucy – A 3-year-old stray who first tested positive for parvo. She has her round-the-clock hydration, necessary medications, and ongoing care. As of today, she is indulged in homemade food to entice her to eat and is still on an IV. She hasn’t gotten out of the woods yet and is still very critical.

Comet/Wrigley – Both dogs had a positive parvo test. they are currently in isolation. Both are said to have very mild symptoms, including diarrhea.

Child seat French fries – A cat that is really struggling. His diagnosis is unclear at this time. Massive blood work has been done and sent for testing.

They also have several young kittens in foster homes, all of whom are seriously ill and on veterinary medication.

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Donations can be made through them Page on Facebook. Or you can mail it to the shelter at 1837 East Pleasant Valley Blvd Altoona, PA 16602.

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/central-pa-humane-society-raising-money-for-vet-care/ Central Pa Humane Society raises money for veterinary care

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