Catalytic converter theft is now a possible felony in Pennsylvania

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(WHTM) – New legislation signed by Gov. Tom Wolfe adds catalytic converter theft to Pennsylvania vehicle laws.

The law states that “If a person unlawfully acquires, attempts to acquire, takes away, or unlawfully controls a catalytic converter for the purpose of depriving it of its rightful owner, that person shall guilty of theft,” he said.

Illegal acquisition of a catalytic converter worth less than $50 is a third degree misdemeanor. Catalytic converters valued at $50-$200 is a second degree misdemeanor, and theft valued at $200-$1,000 is a first degree misdemeanor.

If someone illegally obtains a catalytic converter worth more than $1,000, they face third degree felony.

Multiple violations can increase the penalties you face for stealing a catalytic converter.

of Number of reported catalytic converter thefts rose from 1,300 in 2018 and over 52,000 in 2021 — a staggering 1,215% increase, according to data from. National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB).

Catalytic converter theft “significant increase” Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, the NICB has said:

A catalytic converter is an essential device in a vehicle’s exhaust system. Its purpose is to convert the toxic exhaust gases emitted by the engine into more environmentally friendly gases. Catalytic converter theft is now a possible felony in Pennsylvania

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