Cases of kennel cough on the rise in Central Pennsylvania

(WTAJ) — Several animal-based facilities in Blair, Centre and Huntingdon County have closed due to a rise in kennel cough cases.

Kennel cough is easily transmitted between dogs by airborne droplets, contaminated surfaces or breathing the same air.

If you suspect that your dog has kennel cough, or is showing symptoms, there are measures you can take.

“Isolation is best. Even if it’s a bathroom or a separate space. It will limit their interaction and the spread of it,” Dylan Kotrick, Shelter Manager at the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society said.

Bordetella is a bacteria that is common for kennel cough. The current strain of the virus is also made up of several other bugs.

Even though there is a Bordetella vaccine, it’s important to know that getting your dog vaccinated against Bordetella won’t guarantee them protection from kennel cough. But it will protect them from getting more severe symptoms.

Kennel cough usually lasts for a week if your dog has no other symptoms and is acting normally.

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But if your dog seems lethargic, has a change in appetite, or has a cough that keeps them up at night, it’s best to call your local veterinarian. Cases of kennel cough on the rise in Central Pennsylvania

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