Carol Taylor Runs for Blair County Commission

Blair County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – Carol Taylor has announced her intention to run for commissioner of Blair County.

Taylor was also the Democratic nominee for the 2022 Pennsylvania Senate seat.

An Altoona resident, Taylor holds a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from the University of Connecticut and a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Houston.

She is active on the Board of Directors of United Families for Change. She is an advocate for people in need of physical health, including funding for Lyme disease and chronic illness. I have been a voice for those who are suffering from addiction and those who are struggling with addiction.

“Commissioners need to really understand the county’s priorities,” says Taylor.

She started her career as a human services planner in Texas, where she obtained the necessary funding and planned the first EMS systems in seven mostly rural counties. She had trial practices in Pennsylvania and Delaware. Taylor frequently teaches in various areas of law for other attorneys and was a substitute teacher at local schools here in Blair County.

In 2019, she dedicated herself to counseling adults with mental health and substance abuse problems at a residential rehab facility.

“The county has used the prison system as a way to deal with substance abuse and mental health issues. This approach has been disastrous,” Taylor said. “Mental health fuels substance abuse, and addiction to opioids and stimulants has increased the need for mental health support. There is no place to go to deal with the problem, we emptied the sanatoriums long ago and replaced them with prisons.

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“Our criminal justice system, children and youth services, are overwhelmed with multifactorial problems, not addressed by attacking the causes. The price of our lack of focus is human life. It has an exponentially negative impact on generations of families, our communities, and our resources, not to mention the cost of Carol Taylor Runs for Blair County Commission

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