Buying tips on Home Warranty

You know there is always a risk that your systems and appliances will break down if you have owned a home for a while or plan to purchase a pre-owned one. A home warranty could be a money saver in such situations because the pricey repairs and replacements can blow your budget. The cost of servicing your home devices that break down due to certain reasons is covered by this protection plan. Now, it becomes confusing to choose the right warranty company among several companies available already in the market. However, the best home warranty plan is provided by complete care home warranty according to online reports. Now, if you are unable to decide the best home warranty plan for yourself then you can read the following tips which would allow you to choose the best one.

Service Area

Find out whether or not your selected company is operating in your area because a lot of companies only serve in a specific area or state.


As each company offers different plans to their customers, home warranty coverage varies. However, for major systems and appliances such as refrigerators, electrical system, plumbing system, ductworketc. Standard coverage is offered by most of the companies. Optional add-ons can also be added with your base plan at a few extra dollars if you want.


Depending on the selected plan, optional add-ons, and the area of residence, the overall cost of home warranty is decided. You should get the plan depending on your budget.

Repair Service Quality

Labor guarantees for a specified period are offered by some home warranty companies. Lifetime guarantee on parts or 90 days repair guarantee may also be given by them along with that. While purchasing the home warranty you can look at such aspects of companies.

Claim Fulfilment

Usually, a waiting period of 30 daysgets imposed by companies once you purchase a home warranty. After it ends you can request service visits or start filing your claims. Within 2-5 business days of claim submission, qualified repair contractors to diagnose your issues are assigned by most of the companies. However, a contractor may reach out in 24 hoursif you have filed an emergency claim. Specific information regarding claims can be seen in your service contract.

Customer Support Quality

Via online forms to fill out claims, and phone lines, most of the home warranty companies offer 24/7 customer support services. So, make sure that such services are also offered by the company you are interested in.




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