Business owners in downtown Youngstown are shaken by yet another road closure

Youngstown, Ohio (WKBN) – Another section of Federal Street is closed due to construction in downtown Youngstown. This time it’s 20 Federal Place..

This is the third section of Federal Street currently closed for construction. The most recent closure started Monday morning. Downtown business continues to be disrupted and frustrated.

“One day one road will be closed and another day another road will be closed. There’s just no time frame as to when something will be done,” said Joey Mamonis of Downtown Avalon. .

Mamounis is frustrated by recent road closures. On Monday morning, the crew blocked off West Federal Street between Phelps and Market streets.

“So what they are doing now is part of a 20 Federal demolition and restoration project. We need a crane to get there, so this is the only part we’re going to get from there,” said Charles Shachot, Youngstown’s deputy director of public works.

According to Shasho, this could take up to two weeks…

“It may be two weeks, and you know how long it’s been since Commerce Street was demolished? What’s going on over there?” Mamounis asked.

“It’s very inconvenient, but I know it’s going to be great. But not being able to access our stores and businesses is a bit, definitely a big inconvenience,” says Bella Amica Boutique next door in Avalon. said Erin Lonsway, owner of

Lonsway’s store has only one entrance in West Federal. Avalon, on the other hand…

“The back door is Avalon’s self-financed partition to address all the issues we had downtown, including building this parking lot,” says Mamounis.

Shasho says he is now working with local businesses.

“Yes, detours are posted. I’ll try to add some pedestrian details,” Shasho said.

“We had road closures downtown, but not once did a city official come and ask, ‘How can we fix this?’” Mamounis says.

Construction workers at the site said they expected the work to be completed within two weeks.

As far as communication with the city goes, the federal government is also upset about the lack of one. Business owners in downtown Youngstown are shaken by yet another road closure

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