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Body of sex doll mistaken for human near Pennsylvania Creek

Overfield Township, Wyoming County (WBRE/WYOU) — Police were called when a father and his child found what they believed to be human remains in a Wyoming County creek.

Police were dispatched to a creek along State Route 307 in Overfield Township on February 12, and two men were walking to retrieve a ball from the creek when it was found in a bag, according to Tankannock Township Police. What is believed to be a human corpse was found in

Police say a black plastic bag with a “very lifelike” human leg sticking out was found at the scene. Her feet are said to be highly detailed and have French manicure.

A Wyoming County coroner and the Pennsylvania State Police were called to the scene and opened the bag, revealing that the body in question was an anatomically correct child-sized sex doll.

According to police, in situations involving bodies that may have been found, state police are called because they have more resources available.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/pennsylvania/sex-doll-mistaken-for-human-remains-near-pennsylvania-creek/ Body of sex doll mistaken for human near Pennsylvania Creek

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