Blair County sheriff surprised 6-year-old Florida boy who gave back to first responders

Blair County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – A 6-year-old Florida boy with ties to Blair County will always appreciate the work and giving back of first responders. The Blair County sheriff gave a surprise birthday party to the boy as a thank you to the first responders.

After moving to Florida from Duncansville a few years ago, Xander Noall started a new project to help first responders. To support them, he and his Nanna made and sold crafts and returned the money to his heroes.

“I think they like to do a lot, so we give them everything,” said Noal.

Blair County Sheriff Jim Ott said, “When he sees first responders, sheriff’s deputies, sheriff’s offices, police stations, fire stations, ambulances, he goes to buy gift cards.” “He buys them lunch or coffee, takes them, and gives them back thanks.”

Ott heard that Noal had started his own program, Hearts For Heroes, and wanted to show him how his work was perceived in the North.

“Let’s work with the Pennsylvania Sheriff’s Association to show that Pennsylvania is strong for someone who came from here, has a family base here, and has been to Florida,” Ott said. Let’s follow the child.”

With the help of the Sheriff’s Association, Ott was able to collect law enforcement patches from every county in Pennsylvania to give to Noal on his birthday. On his birthday, the Okeechobee County Sheriff’s Office presented him with a patch in a display case and his $600 check from donations from several sheriff’s offices throughout Pennsylvania. . Ott said the money was meant to help him continue giving back.

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“I was so impressed with this little boy of 6 years old. This was his goal, this was his push, this was his effort,” said Ott. Blair County sheriff surprised 6-year-old Florida boy who gave back to first responders

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