Biggest snowfall in Pennsylvania history

STACKER — Most people who live in snowy areas seem to have a legendary blizzard story. storm of the century, either blizzards or bomb cyclones that have occurred since. Experts say historic snowstorms have become more regular.

In many regions, blizzards are projected to become more frequent and intense, even as climate change shortens and warms winters. Warm air holds more moisture, so more snow can fall when temperatures are below freezing than when temperatures are well below freezing of 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

Warmer-than-normal winter air is affecting nearly every part of the United States, according to a 2022 study by Climate Central. Since 1981, winter temperatures across the country have been More than 1 degree Fahrenheit rise, creating conditions suitable for heavy snowfall. As of 2014, the number of blizzards the US has experienced is already 4 times than the mid-20th century.

Stacker We’ve compiled a list of the highest daily snowfalls in Pennsylvania using data from . National Environmental Information Center To better understand historical snowfall events at the regional level. Includes parts of central Pennsylvania.

#Ten. February 16, 1958 (tie)
– Monroe County: 31 inches
#Ten. March 29, 1942 (tie)
– Mifflin County: 31 inches
#8. March 20, 1958 (tie)
– York County: 32 inches
#8. December 17, 2020 (Draw)
– Bradford County: 32 inches
#6. December 26, 2017
– Erie County: 32.4 inches
#Five. February 13, 1899
– Chester County: 35.3 inches
#Four. March 14, 1993
– Tioga County: 36 inches
#3. March 20, 1958
– Berks County: 38 inches
#2. March 14, 1993
– County Somerset: 40 inches
#1. February 16, 1958
– Wayne County: 41 inches Biggest snowfall in Pennsylvania history

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