Best Netflix Series And Shows To Watch Now

It’s the weekend, and you’re looking for something to binge-watch.

It’s not simply something you desire; it’s something you require.

Don’t worry, we’re here to assist you.

The collection spans a wide range of genres, durations, nations of origin, and more, but one thing they all have in common is that they’re all fantastic.

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1: Human Resources

Perhaps it was inevitable that the universe of Big Mouth would expand beyond its streaming roots — especially when it comes to the monsters that act as “shoulder angels” to assist their overly hormonal adolescent humans.

Human Resources takes a comedic approach to the workplace, flipping the script on Big Mouth to explore behind-the-scenes at Hormone Monster HQ, resulting in some entertaining and shockingly vulnerable acts.

This is a more mature comedy than its predecessor, but it also does what all great spinoffs should: it expands on the universe that the first series merely hinted at.

2: Vikings: Valhalla

Valhalla begins 100 years after the events of its previous series, Vikings, at the climax of a violent battle between the Vikings and the English, who had been at odds over the contrasts between their Christian and Pagan beliefs.

Valhalla is also positioned to portray the conclusion of the Vikings’ conquering other regions for their own purposes.

It’s also supposed to have Leik Erikson as the first European to set foot on continental North America, many years before Columbus.

It’s a natural progression for the series we originally saw on the History Channel, with characters that have the potential to be enough intriguing.

3: Midnight Mass

Mike Flanagan has arguably constructed the closest thing to an original magnum opus with Midnight Mass.

There are plenty of monsters to offer frights, but the amount of emotional breakdown is not scarce at all in this story, not to mention characters who can be as terrifying as any ghost or as menacing as any vampire.

Midnight Mass is a series that will make you cry more than gasp, but it doesn’t take away from its effect.

4: Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane foregoes the small-town drama style in favor of a decades-spanning narrative of two friends, following them through the ups and downs of their individual and mutual relationships.

Tully, an exuberant talk show host whose extroverted attitude hides some underlying weaknesses, is played by Heigl, while her BFF Kate is a recent divorcee striving to re-enter the business.

They’ve been friends since they were 14 years old.

So, when Tully first moved in across the street, it’s their bond that keeps the series grounded, even when the other plotlines aren’t as interesting or gratifying.

5: You

You gained fresh life on Netflix after a brief run on Lifetime, where it has remained ever since and is one of the streamer’s most popular shows; it was extended for a fourth season before the third even aired this year.

Badgley must draw a fine line between obsession and seduction as Joe Goldberg, with the audience privy to every single one of his most private thoughts about his newest love infatuation.

Badgley’s next TV endeavor was clearly buzzing around but owing to his casting as the psychopathic protagonist in You, he may have just discovered his real calling.

6: All Of Us Are Dead

All of us have gone through the difficult stage of high school, but adding an unexpected zombie apocalypse to the mix, on top of all the other horrors we know might occur, takes things to a whole new level.

When you’re imprisoned at school and surrounded by a dangerous threat, you’ll encounter themes like the terrible impacts of bullying, the pervasiveness of social media, and the limiting parts of that.

All of Us Are Dead has swiftly risen to the top because it’s filled with the same type of smart social satire behind its genre trappings that makes this title a must-watch.

7: The Woman In The House Across The Street From The Girl In The Window

It’s a parody aimed at those of us who devour thriller paperbacks from the airport bookstore with some derivative of the show’s title on the front cover.

The series begins right away… and it is a series that doesn’t take itself seriously at all, yet it has a consistent throughline that leads to the discovery of the culprit.

You may have come for the obvious nod to thriller films, and stay for the utterly insane celebrity cameo at the very end.

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