Best Moissanite Earrings Ideas

Earring enthusiasts have a lot to work with to develop unique designs that they will like. Part of what you could do if you are looking for great earring ideas is to choose your stone. We have moissanite earrings that are something out of the ordinary diamond earrings to give you a completely different feel. More than that, you can choose to create something unique for yourself.

The excellence of moissanite earrings lies in their beauty and shine. We wear them for different occasions. Therefore, one idea of earrings may not work well for all occasions and outfits. With moissanite earrings, you will get the best experiences and save your hard-earned money. All you need is to understand a few things about this precious stone.

Why Moissanite Earrings?

 Are you thinking about earrings ideas? Moissanite will probably give you various options to work out designs that you will like. Therefore, this stone is worth buying due to its versatile use. This is a pocket-friendly gemstone that will help you get the best diamond-like qualities for your earrings.

Above all, moissanite comes in different sizes and shapes. Therefore, you can develop various ideas to come up with the most exciting earrings you have ever seen. Here are some thoughts and ideas that you could put into practice in your search for moissanite earing ideas:

  • Earringsby Color Grading

Moissanite comes in various colors as graded by the GIA. Unlike diamond, the grading is somewhat straightforward. It is categorized into colorless (D, E, F), near colorless (G, H, I) and lastly, Faint Yellow (J-K). However, do not buy anything below faint yellow.

The colorless and near-colorless versions will give you something like a diamond. Consider spending a little more on color rather than shape or buying large carat earrings.  There is not much of a difference in the color categories. However, buying a fraction of a carat moissanite will save you some good money.

  • Check Stone inclusions

 The clarity of a stone affects its brilliance. Therefore, make sure that there are few or no inclusions in your gemstone. These thread-like imperfections affect the stone’s lustre. In that case, it is a great idea to make sure that your stone is devoid of these inclusions. That is the only assurance for a perfect and brilliant shine on your earrings. However, anything with unnoticeable imperfections would work well. Therefore, do not stick to flawless options that may cost you a fortune.

  • Consider moissanite’s cut and shape

 Nothing beats a stone’s quality more than its cut and shape. A perfect cut for moissanite is responsible for its fire and brilliance. This determines its ability to reflect light touching its surface. Therefore, it will be important to look into this feature to choose glowing earrings.

The shape of your stone is all about the style you want for your ring. In that case, there are many of them. Moissanite will give you a variety of shapes to choose the kind of style you want for your earrings.

  • Earring Styles based on Moissanite Shape

 The quality and type of cut on your moissanite stone will determine the style of your earrings. Therefore, this knowledge and information can guide you to know the quality of your earrings before buying them.

The round brilliant cut is known for its brilliance. However, other shapes such as emerald, oval, pear, square, radiant, oval, marquise and cushion will also give you enough sparkle.

  • The best metal for your moissanite earring

 Make your moissanite ring last by picking the best metal for it. Metals that do not corrode are highly recommended. The best metal ideas to have for your earrings include 14k gold, 18k gold, palladium and platinum.

You could also go for surgical steel or stainless steel, especially for lightweight options. However, they are not easy to find. All the same, the most important thing is to pick a metal that will not fade away or tarnish. Again, it should be easy to clean hence minimal maintenance costs.

You can make your moissanite earring what you like if you have enough information and details about this precious stone. You can choose to focus on moissanite’s color, shape, cut and clarity among other things to form your earring. Using these ideas, there is no limit to what you can make.

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