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LinkedIn is one of the most effective marketing and sales tools in 2021. Unlike other forms of social media, LinkedIn is ideal for networking, prospecting, email collection, and linking with clients. Once it comes to expanding your network and sales, it’s one of the most excellent tools you can put resources in.

According to our article, LinkedIn is by far the essential platform for connecting people that matters very much to your company, with over 94 percent of B2B marketers utilizing LinkedIn to deliver content.

What is Linkedin Chrome Extension?

LinkedIn has a user base of over 645 million people. That’s a lot of business professionals crammed into one place, but having to figure out how to maximize networking, generating leads, and simply linking with the right kind of people on LinkedIn can be challenging or overwhelming at times. LinkedIn Chrome extensions can help with this.

Chrome extensions are a clever way to get it done quickly while also seamlessly integrating it into the daily work life. The following is an explanation of the most OK Chrome extension for LinkedIn:

LinkedIn Sales Navigator is the most notable case. You could use the LinkedIn Sales Navigator chrome extension to have a free LinkedIn profile or the LinkedIn Sales Explorer tool.

And, based on your plan, you’ll receive a variety of benefits and characteristics:

  • Regular LinkedIn Profile

 Hover over any of your Gmail contacts’ email addresses to see if they have a profile. You will be able to view critical info from their Profile page without leaving Gmail, such as contracts made and job experience.

  • Account in LinkedIn Sales Navigator

 If you have direct exposure to LinkedIn Sales Navigator, you could use an extension to rapidly save your connections as leads. You can also use ‘Team Link’ to see if you have any mutual relationship with prospects and request an introduction.

  • LinkedIn Extension

 A LinkedIn Browser extension (or plugin) could indeed help you get through your LinkedIn experience in business, making sure you have the most significant possible reach in the shortest amount of time.

Click on the application’s icon, and it will also take you straight to the LinkedIn webpage, where you can view your new behavior.

You agree to the LinkedIn User Agreement by trying to install this expansion.

Best 4 LinkedIn chrome extensions

  1. Octopus CRM
  2. Lusha
  3. Crystal
  4. Dux Soup

Chrome extensions pros and cons


Chrome extension Octopus CRM Lusha Crystal Dux Soup
Pro Ability to Build Funnel Campaigns Provides email addresses that work Highly accurate AI based analysis Dux-Soup is easy to use even for beginners
Con Data Download Options Could Improve Automation for LinkedIn Sales Navigator Integrations The free version of Crystal only allows you to analyse ten people a month Dux-Soup extension can slow browsing and LinkedIn loading times


Octopus CRM is dependable LinkedIn automation software that is used safely by companies of all sizes across the world. Because of the extensive security measures in place, you can be optimistic that your LinkedIn effort is genuine and will not jeopardize your LinkedIn account.

LinkedIn can help you automate and clarify your work.

Octopus CRM LinkedIn extension for Chrome simplifies your tasks and has a slew of excellent features.

  • Use LinkedIn to submit automated (customized) incoming connections.
  • Send connection requests via email to avoid LinkedIn’s per week invite restriction.
  • Send bulk messages to hundreds of first-level connections
  • Instantly promote up to 7 abilities on your LinkedIn address book’ profiles.
  • Automatically visit thousands of profiles

How Does It Work?

Discover how Octopus CRM helps make LinkedIn mechanization so simple!

  • Identify Your Target Audience

 Find your target market on LinkedIn by screening LinkedIn accounts or creating a CSV file with LinkedIn resume URLs.

  • Include Leads in Campaign

 Add such leads to your “messaging,” “connecting,” “endorsing,” or “visiting” campaigns, based on the activity you want to take with them.

  • Begin Your Campaign

 Initiate the marketing strategy now to begin automating actions with all these leads.


Lusha is the most convenient way of finding B2B contact data in a specific click.

It is the quickest way to find potential customers and obtain their contact information.

What is the Process?

  • Lusha enables business experts to connect quickly and authentically with their prospects, contacts, and applicants.
  • The best sales team members use our assistance to close so many deals, find accurate B2B contact information, and truncate the sales discovery process.

What kind of information will you get?

  1. We enhance your content by including business data such as contact details, job descriptions, and corporate information.
  1. If you want, you can even consult your leads directly by the extension by incorporating your email account.
  1. We are a manufacturing leader in providing truthful data and the highest hit rates, allowing you to close the deal!

Lusha Extension is intended for whom?

Recruiters, Sales, account managers, headhunters, entrepreneurs, marketers, and folks with immediate client relations utilize this extension.


It is an app that can tell you about anyone’s character. Crystal’s Chrome Extension will help you improve your engagement strategy and managerial skills. Crystal can start generating character reports for everyone by analyzing public data and text.

Learn to adjust your speaking style to distinct personalities and eliminate the guesswork from networking, cold calling, and conferences with new customers or clients.

  • View personality observations on LinkedIn profiles
  • Get real-time call, email, and meeting recommendations

How does the Crystal Browser Extension work?

Using Crystal Browser Extension on every LinkedIn profile, you can predict any personality.

Once you’ve implemented the Chrome Extension, do the following:

  1. Launch LinkedIn in the Google Chrome browser.
  1. Navigate to any profile—the Crystal Chrome Extension tends to work throughout all profile pages, including frequent profiles, LinkedIn Sales Navigator accounts, and LinkedIn Headhunter profiles.
  1. Click the Crystal Chrome Extension rock button that says “View Personality” in the upper right corner of the page.
  1. Examine the Different personality insights revealed by the extension.
  1. Once you’ve anticipated a personality, the user’s Personality Assessment will be available for later reference in the Crystal Centre console under Sales > Customers.


Using Dux Soup, you can put qualified leads on autopilot. The browser extension works with LinkedIn to install prospects’ profile information into CSV files, send TCP connections, and send instant messages to contacts while remaining within the website’s security limits.

Essentially, the plugin enables users to reduce their selling process and sell to even more customers via LinkedIn, allowing them to build relationships with potential customers rather than chasing them down.

Dux Soup enables the creation of automatic vehicle LinkedIn initiatives or drip campaigns that send automated calls to prospects. These will automatically follow up with possible clients, halting when a potential client reacts to the messaging.

When one user has all of the prospect’s information, it can get posted to the CRM for simple lead management. Eventually, users will significantly increase the scale of their online marketing efforts by utilizing this extension.

However, while Dux Soup claims to remain within LinkedIn’s safe levels, the website will occasionally identify and restrict these kinds of automation, resulting in account cold or stopping in extreme situations.

However, Dux Soup claims that it randomizes waiting times among actions, runs only during scheduled hours, avoids characteristics depending on multiple rules, and remains within LinkedIn’s “fair use” limits. Still, most consumers should be fine if they use the plugin correctly.

Pricing for Dux Soup

Dux Soup Turbo is essential for optimizing your LinkedIn action automation.

There are several Dux Soup programs available, and yet Dux Soup Turbo is the best.

  • From 36,25€ / period: to use all LinkedIn scrap characteristics, including CRM integration.
  • There is no free plan. However, there is a 7-day trial period.
  • Dropcontact also isn’t integrated directly into Dux Soup, but it is easy to install a workflow in your CRM.

Advantages of Dux Soup

  1. The benefits of using Dux Soup to computerize your LinkedIn prospecting
  1. Automating your lead generation flow frees up to one hour a day for your Marketing teams to concentrate on what cannot be made to work: creating and maintaining good bonds with customers and prospects.
  1. Dux Soup contributes to the execution of complete and straightforward workflows: The Dux Soup augmentation allows us to easily visit profile information from a LinkedIn or Revenue Navigator search. The data is then extracted and integrated into the Pipe drive CRM with a single click.
  1. After you add a lead, Dropcontact enhances and merges all of your customer data. Let’s take a trip down the multi-channel lead generation highway.


Choosing the right tools that can help computerize your LinkedIn processes is highly dependent on your requirements. Consider your potential clients, product, current direct marketing efforts, and generate lead methods when deciding which LinkedIn assistants are suitable for you.

Do you want to have more interaction? More emails, please. You can use Linkedin Emails extensions. What about brand recognition?

Put together a list about what you believe is most advantageous for you, the company, or your brand — now what you require is a tool to move things forward? Given that most LinkedIn Lead generators.

There’s plenty of secure generating leads extensions available (we’ve included a few!). And you may require more than one extension, even two or three. Because many of the techniques offer free trials or free alternatives, you can try them out to see if they work for you.


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