Best Black Friday Mattress Deals

or many individuals, Black Friday is when they get all their important shopping done. Some buy gifts for friends and family, while others also stock up on necessities and luxuries for themselves. For example, a finely crafted mattress can be both a necessity and a luxury, improving your sleep and helping you accomplish more during the day.

 Of course, just about every mattress brand is discounting their products for Black Friday, so it can be tricky to discern the sales you genuinely can’t miss from the ones that you should just skip. We’ve weeded out the deals that aren’t as good as they look to provide our top three mattress brand recommendations.


Amerisleep offers nine mattresses in five firmness levels—five memory foam mattresses, three hybrids, and a latex mattress.

 The main mattress line has beds numbered from 1 to 5, with the AS1 model providing the firmest feel. Every subsequent model has a softer feel than the last, leaving the AS5 mattress as the plushest option offered by Amerisleep.

 Each mattress suits a different sleep style, with the softer mattresses providing the pressure relief side sleepers need. In comparison, the firmer mattresses meet back and stomach sleepers’ needs by maintaining their spines’ neutral alignment.

 All of these mattresses contain a top layer of Bio-Pur®, a unique plant-based memory foam. While traditional memory foam is purely synthetic, Amerisleep substitutes select ingredients with plant-derived oils. The final result is a foam that’s more sustainable, breathable, and responsive than traditional memory foam.

 Shoppers who want a mattress with natural materials can also consider the Organica mattress, which combines natural latex and organic wool and cotton with pocketed coils. The coils isolate movement, keeping a person’s sudden motions from creating a jarring sensation across the mattress surface.

 Aside from mattresses, Amerisleep also offers a wide assortment of bedding products. Their lineup includes adjustable beds, a platform bed frame, cooling sheets, a throw blanket and a comforter designed for year-round use, and a variety of pillows.

 All Amerisleep mattresses are $300 off this Black Friday, plus a free bedding assortment with your purchase. Shoppers who want to customize their sleep experience can also save 30% on any adjustable bed.


Zoma has made a mark on the athletic industry by focusing on restorative rest when designing their mattresses. Numerous professional athletes have enjoyed a Zoma mattress, but you don’t have to match their active lifestyle to benefit from sleeping on a Zoma bed.

 Their main mattress line consists of the classic Zoma Mattress and the newer Zoma Hybrid. Both mattresses contain a top layer of gel memory foam for cool, conforming comfort, while the second foam layer is aptly named Reactiv™ foam. The latex-like feel of Reactiv™ increases the mattress’s adaptability to movement, helping you shift positions and get out of bed.

 Zoma’s mattresses are discounted by $150 this Black Friday. Customers also receive free pillows with their purchase.


Vaya is a mattress brand focused on affordable comfort provided by top-quality materials. Their foam and hybrid models contain Vaya Comfort Foam, a material that’s more lightweight and responsive than traditional memory foam. In addition, because of its breathability, the foam stays cool throughout the night.

 The support core of the mattress depends on your chosen model. The classic Vaya Mattress has a study core of poly-foam, while the Vaya Hybrid relies on bouncy pocketed coils. However, either option is perfectly compatible with any sleep style, as the responsive foam and coils can support the body in every position.

 Vaya aims to provide the greatest value this Black Friday by offering $300 off a mattress purchase, plus a free pillow. Both of their mattresses are excellent choices for budget shoppers, as Vaya strives to keep their prices under $500 for smaller sizes and under $1000 for larger sizes.

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