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Bellefonte Area Schools Reflect on Swatting Call at Board Meeting

Center County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) – almost a week later swatting call The Bellefonte Area School Board addressed the incident at its monthly meeting as it closed several area schools.

It is a terrifying event for students, teachers, and parents, and they want to learn from it.

It was a frantic scene when false reports of a mass shooting were made at Bellefonte Area High School last week.

“If you’re a teacher and you can keep calm and do everything right, thank you for the job,” said John Gizer, president of the Bellefonte Board of Education. Teacher, if you weren’t cool, thank you for doing your best.”

Gizer took a moment to recognize everyone affected by the lockdown.

“If you’re a student who got over it and calmly helped other students, thank you for doing what your brother said. If you were a student and couldn’t keep your cool, do what you can.” Thank you, that’s all we could ask for.”

School board member Tammy Barnaford repeated his statement, thanking the community for their cooperation in the unprecedented incident.

“I always felt that we would have this kind of community support,” Barnaford said. “But I saw it myself that day. I know there are some things and there are some things that could be done a little better.”

At its meeting on Tuesday, April 4, the school board did not provide details on how, if any, emergency procedures would change due to security concerns.

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However, we are encouraged by the successful execution of the plan and the swift response of the police.

“We hope it will be a real learning opportunity for all involved,” Barnaford added. “And I really felt the need to recognize everyone at all levels. It was input from everyone to this effort.”

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/bellefonte-area-school-reflects-on-swatting-call-at-board-meeting/ Bellefonte Area Schools Reflect on Swatting Call at Board Meeting

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