Bedford teenager completes U.S. Swimming Championships

INDIANAPOLIS (WTAJ) — Bedford teen Leah Shaklee completed the U.S. National Swimming Championships Friday night, finishing 3rd among under-18s in the 100m backstroke B final with a time of 1:00:22. Finished the race at the fastest speed. The 16-year-old missed out on making the junior national team by just two-hundredths of a second.

“I know she’s disappointed with her times, but when she came back in boots for the first time in three weeks, she worked really hard through the pain,” said coach Tom Grasadonia. Told. “She won’t say it, but I’m really proud of her.”

The Blair County YMCA swimmer hasn’t lost it all, but was unofficially named to the junior varsity team in the 100-meter butterfly on Thursday, although an official announcement is still pending. Shaklee, who turns 17 in July, started her week with top 10 finishes in all three events – the 100m butterfly, 100m backstroke and 200m backstroke – but a slow finish overall cost her. became.

The up-and-coming senior high school student failed to make the top 16 in the 200-meter backstroke and missed out on advancing to the D final. She finished 14th overall in the 100m butterfly and 12th overall in the 100m backstroke.

“My goal was to build a team and represent America,” Shaklee said. “I wish I had a little more ability, but I’m pretty happy with my chances of being selected.”

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Earlier this spring, Shaklee set the swimming world on fire with a dominating performance at the YMCA Nationals. She entered her weekend with the fifth fastest 100m backstroke by an American woman this season. Bedford teenager completes U.S. Swimming Championships

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