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Bedford County Highlights Importance of Summer Programs

Bedford, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — With most school districts beginning summer vacation, Bedford County emphasizes the importance of out-of-school education.

Bedford County and Bedford School District officials meet with other state officials
To demonstrate the importance of after-school programs, both summer and after school.

Students will attend at least one-third of class hours, county officials said. “After 3” The program improved PSSA scores and GPAs over the previous year.

Afterschool/Youth Development Networks throughout Pennsylvania (Sidon), Pennsylvania is one of only 18 states with no state funding for out-of-school school programs.

That could change this year, however, with the latest state budget bill.

Bedford County already has its own county-funded after-school and summer program ‘After 3’ for elementary and middle schools, and other areas are pursuing similar initiatives.

Middle school principal Kevin Windows said, “I’m very privileged to be a principal at a school that has providers who support these after-school programs.” “Not everyone has it.”

“This shows that we can be a role model for the entire state,” said state Rep. Jesse Topper, Republican, 78. “We don’t want to experience a learning loss during the summer vacation where we miss out on so much and forget what we have learned.”

Summer Camp runs all day Monday through Thursday through June and resembles an after-school program.

Thirty-one students participated in the junior high school summer camp and said that the classes and activities were very enjoyable.

Grace Inkee (left) and her classmates learned about DNA on Thursday by using a micropipette to create a rainbow in a set of test tubes.

Students talked about their favorite activities, such as making bear sculptures, learning about DNA, and taking field trips to Canoe Creek.

“I just thought the field trip was fun and I learned some things I didn’t know before,” said eighth grader Eva Anderson.

The principal said program officials, teachers and principals ask children what interests them most to keep every day fun and engaging.

He said that because so many people want to go to medical school, he did a DNA class with the PA Biomedical Research Association.

And students say it wouldn’t have been as fun without the hard work of teachers and principals.

“The principal is very kind to us,” said eighth grader Kailyn Rivera. “He wants us to be as happy as possible and he wants this middle school to be a place where people feel like they are at home.”

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“I think it’s great for new students to get to know the school and what the school is about,” said seventh-grader Alyvia Walls.

“I think it’s really great,” said Grace Inky, who will start middle school in the fall. “For example, I already know where the cafeteria, library, and gym are.”

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/bedford-county-emphasizes-importance-of-after-school-and-summer-programs/ Bedford County Highlights Importance of Summer Programs

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