Barkers event bikers return for 22nd year

Blair County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — Riders lined up for the 22nd Annual Bikers for Barkers event on Saturday.

This annual event is held at the Roundhouse Harley-Davidson in Duncansville and aims to help raise funds for the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society.

Bikers gathered before the ride at Wimber, and Central Pennsylvania Humane Society President Joseph Zorna said the ride is needed more than ever.

“We are overwhelmed with dogs and cats right now, but we really need people to spay and neuter the animals,” Zorna said. “Let’s be responsible animal owners. There are so many pups that come to us every day and we have to put them out into foster care. are entrusted, and it takes a large community to make it happen.”

All proceeds are used to ensure that humanitarian animals receive the best possible care. Zorna added that the race has grown this year with around 500 riders participating.

“This one event is our biggest fundraiser,” Zorna said. “From about $30,000 to the end of this one event of his, he raised $40,000.”

Zorna also encourages everyone to volunteer their time or reach out to get a pet of their own.

“I love the animals and I love the staff. “I love animals. They are what drives me. I would come here at seven in the morning and stay until midnight to clean everything up.”

For more information about the Central Pennsylvania Humane Society, please visit: website. Barkers event bikers return for 22nd year

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