American diner with French taste

Center County, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — woof boeuf et bacon is a new restaurant in downtown State College that adds a French flair to American diner classics.

The diner opened Thursday, September 22nd at the former Baby’s Burger & Shakes location (131 S Garner Street).

Chef Jillian Clark first came up with the concept 12 years ago. She said she’s reimagining the dining atmosphere of the ’50s to seat a new generation in her booth.

“It’s an experience, and when you take in all the decor and see what the French have done to the American diner concept, I think you’ll have a great time,” Clark said.

The décor nods to iconic French people and places, such as the Pont des Arts ‘Love Rock’ bridge (add your own Love Rock!) and the French ‘WE ARE’ sign.

Clark, who owns a number of restaurants, said she has made a name for herself in Washington, DC and New York, and has been called “the queen of comfort food.”

“Diner was always what I wanted to do,” Clark said. “I think the reaction has been very positive.”

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Oeuf Boeuf et Bacon Opening Hours:

Monday 8am-3pm, 4pm-7pm
Tuesday 8am-3pm, 4pm-7pm
Wednesday closed
Thursday 8am-3pm, 4pm-7pm
Friday 8am-3pm, 4pm-7pm
Saturday 8am-3pm, 4pm-7pm
Sunday 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. American diner with French taste

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