Altoona Artist Customizes Mural for Local Business

Altoona, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — There are many talented people in the Altoona area. One artist on the rise is his college in Altoona and State. He paints customized murals inside local businesses throughout the area, making him part of the community.

Joe Beam is a Pennsylvania State University alumnus who has been drawing and drawing art pieces his whole life. These days, his artwork hangs as murals on large walls and is displayed at local businesses.

“I’m a big fan of Renaissance painters and all classical painters, so I like to describe my style as an artistic sensibility and a combination of these old and new techniques. A much-loved artist. ‘ said Beam.

Murals are customized by local businesses. Beam says the first mural he painted at Green Bean His Coffee His House is meant to represent his statement of their mission to spread coffee and community to the Altoona area.

“I tried to wrap it all up in a fun, colorful image,” says Beam. “The result is a whole line of big, giant coffee his lines and a variety of smaller scenes that show how coffee brings people together and creates community within the area itself.”

Another painting of Beam is on the Carter’s Table at State College. He says the mural of where he attended college makes it feel like the journey has come full circle.

“I tried to express both the Carter’s Table and my Penn State experience in the mural itself,” says Beam. “There are a lot of Penn State University landmarks, and they represent State He College in such a fun way. It’s kind of my style that I like.”

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Continuing the journey, Beam said he planned to do more with the Green Bean Coffee House, possibly lining up several other murals. Altoona Artist Customizes Mural for Local Business

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