Air Products Redevelopment Receives Final Planning Recommendations in Upper Mackanzie

Three previously controversial warehouses quietly received unanimous final recommendations Wednesday from the Upper Macungie Township Planning Commission.

The project, located at 7201 Hamilton Street, Air Products to leave three warehouses on 61 acres on 235 acre site In 2021 when we build our new headquarters on Mill Creek Road, about a mile away.

The largest building will be 1.23 million square feet and will be located on the west side of the site. The second building will have an area of ​​926,250 square feet and the smallest building will be 435,600 square feet.

Logistics company Prologis was originally supposed to own the warehouse, but Air Products’ vice president of strategic projects Patrick Garay said the partnership with Prologis is “on pause” at this point. He said the warehouse would be owned by Prologis or its “equivalent.”

In the past, residents have voiced concerns about construction, mostly citing increased tractor and trailer traffic, storm runoff and noise.

This project must be submitted to the Township Board of Supervisors before it is all cleared.

During a February meeting of township supervisors, where authorities gave pre-approval, one resident told the board that he was concerned about the impact the project would have on his home, specifically the demolition of structures already on the property. Told. He wondered if the demolition could cause power outages at his home, and if the well was contaminated with toxic substances.

“[My family’s] The quality of life will suffer greatly because of this,” the man said.

In other news, the Planning Commission heard a presentation on the Trexlertown Retail Center.

The proposed project at 5917 W. Tilghman St. would demolish the existing building and build a car service station with a convenience store, car wash and retail space. According to online images, the property now houses a gas station.

Planner Paul McNemar refrained from considering the application, citing unspecified “conflicts,” leaving the committee without a quorum to work on the project. Air Products Redevelopment Receives Final Planning Recommendations in Upper Mackanzie

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