AG sues Pittsburgh dealer North Hills Automall for car breakdown

PITTSBURGH, Pennsylvania (WKBN) – Pennsylvania Attorney General Michelle Henry sued a Pittsburgh car dealership for selling substandard vehicles.

The lawsuit was filed against North Hills Automall and its president, Regis Manke.

Henry said dealers misled consumers about the condition of the vehicles, which often broke down shortly after sale or failed inspections.

of suit It also alleges that dealerships tricked consumers into believing they were buying vehicles in good condition and under warranty. The complaint alleges that the dealer has classified the vehicle as being sold “as is” and that the “warranty” was actually a limited service contract from a third party.

Pennsylvania law prohibits the sale of a vehicle if the dealer knew or should have known of a serious problem with the offered vehicle, even if the vehicle was sold “as is”. increase.

“The biggest fear for used car buyers is paying their hard-earned money and quickly discovering that the car is in poor condition,” said Attorney General Henry. “My office has an obligation to comply with state laws and regulations that prohibit auto dealers from defrauding consumers in this manner, and I will do everything in my power to comply with that obligation. It’s worth nothing more.”

The lawsuit seeks the court to order Manke and North Hills Automall to:

  • Compensation will be paid to all consumers who have suffered losses.
  • Doing business in Pennsylvania as a seller of automobiles or to Pennsylvania consumers and engaging in any conduct that violates consumer protection laws, motor vehicle regulations, vehicle laws, and/or vehicle commission laws are permanently banned.
  • Pay civil fines of $1,000 for each violation of consumer protection laws and $3,000 for each violation involving a consumer over the age of 60.

The complaint alleges that North Hills Automall violated state law by demanding a security deposit of at least $500 to secure availability of the vehicle and not refunding the security deposit if the sale fails for any reason. the lawsuit states. Motor vehicle regulation by not providing consumers with required documentation such as purchase contracts and warranty information.

Any consumer who believes they or someone they know may have been a North Hills Auto Mall victim should contact Consumer Protection by calling 800-441-2555 or emailing You must file a complaint online with the Bureau.

Repair facilities, dealers, or any other person who may have information regarding questionable commercial practices at North Hills Auto Mall or Regis Manke should also contact the office. AG sues Pittsburgh dealer North Hills Automall for car breakdown

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