AAUW Johnstown Chapter Celebrates 100 Years of Women

Johnstown, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — American College Women’s Association (AAUW) Johnstown Chapter We are celebrating our 100th anniversary.

The group celebrates the achievements of other women, promotes the education of girls, and offers several community events.

They are now on display at the Discovery Center, showcasing how AAUW has empowered women and supported the Johnstown community for the past century. The exhibition will be on display until May 30th.

This exhibit showcases the chapter’s timeline through deliverables such as membership rosters, receipts, posters, and even ongoing events.

Mainly, the group wants to introduce where they are, where they are, and where they want to go.

Nina Girard, event chair for the Women’s Association of American Colleges, said, “It’s amazing to see this exhibit and what this group has been doing for 100 years, despite difficult times, wartime and Johnstown floods. I think it’s just fascinating,” he said. she said. She said, “AAUW has been patient and the women have been supportive of their communities. You can see a lot of that in our timeline.”

During the celebration, Senator Langerhork presented the group with a plaque to commemorate 100 years of action.

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of AAUWMore It spread nationwide from the 1890s. AAUW Johnstown Chapter Celebrates 100 Years of Women

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