A woman rescued from a chocolate factory blast in Pennsylvania remembered the smell of gas.pennsylvania

A woman resurrected from the rubble pennsylvania After an explosion that killed seven colleagues, her chocolate factory says her arm caught fire as flames engulfed the building.

The black liquid extinguished her burning arm, but Patricia Borges ended up with a broken collarbone and both heels. She spent her next nine hours screaming for her help and waiting for her rescue. RM Palmer Factory.

“When it started burning I thought it was over,” Borges, 50, told the Associated Press in an exclusive interview from his hospital bed in West Reading. pennsylvania, just minutes from the chocolate factory where she worked as a machine operator. Investigators from the National Transportation Safety Board were scheduled to interview Borges on Friday.

Patricia Borges’ arm caught fire and flames engulfed RM Palmer’s building. She then fell off her floor into a vat of liquid chocolate. Photo: A.P.

Seven of Borges’ colleagues were killed and 10 injured in the March 24 explosion at RM Palmer. Federal, state and local officials are investigating. The cause has not been determined, but the Federal Transportation Safety Administration has identified it as a natural gas explosion.7 bodies in total since then recovered from the site.

Borges said she and others had complained of a gas smell about 30 minutes before the factory exploded. She is upset that Palmer was not evacuated immediately. She said the deaths of her colleagues, including her best friend Judith Lopez Moran, could have been prevented.

Other workers also said they smelled natural gas, relatives said. The Palmer Company, a 75-year-old family-owned company with deep roots in its small home town northwest of Philadelphia, did not respond to the workers’ allegations on Friday.

Speaking in Spanish on a video conference, her eyes bruised and her right arm burned and heavily bandaged, Borges spoke of her gruesome fear of death after the 5 p.m. explosion. Told.

After the explosion, Borges was thrown off a ladder to the ground. She started running, but her floor gave way and she fell into a horizontal chocolate tank in the basement of the facility. The chocolate protected her from the blast’s flames, but then her tank started filling with water from a firefighter’s hose and she screamed for hours, “Help, help, help!”

Paramedics work at the site of the March 24 explosion.
Paramedics work at the site of the March 24 explosion. Photo: Ben Hastie/AP

First, search dogs warned rescuers that there might be survivors in the rubble. The crew then followed the sound of her voice to find Borges. Although she was in chest-deep water and had her leg broken, her rescue gave the crew who had pulled out two bodies by then an emotional boost.

Borges came to the United States over 30 years ago after growing up in the state of Puebla, Mexico. She is facing surgery on both her legs and a long recovery, and her family has launched her GoFundMe campaign to cover some of the expected medical expenses.

She wants the factory to be held accountable after not immediately evacuating a worker who reported a gas odor.

“I wanted to talk to you so that this is prevented in the future,” she said. “I want my colleague Judy to do justice.” A woman rescued from a chocolate factory blast in Pennsylvania remembered the smell of gas.pennsylvania

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