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A time capsule opened at the former Phillipsburg Middle School

PHILIPSBURG, Pennsylvania (WTAJ) — Nearly 40 years later, a group of students attending the old Phillipsburg Middle School relived memories of the 1980s.

A bucket dated October 1, 1985 was pulled from under the school. Former student Jenny Horton recalled assembling a time capsule 37 years later.

“Our science teacher, Ms. Pipik, wanted to build a time capsule,” Horton said.

The time capsule had hidden memories of 7th, 8th, and 9th grades at that time.

The group found magazines, letters, pictures of Boy George, floppy disks, and happy meals from McDonald’s.

“As a history teacher, I think it’s really cool to remember the past,” said former teacher Rick Shetrom. “As a history teacher, sometimes I remember the past, but when you dig into something like this, it’s not quite what you expected.”

Horton teamed up with Jason Spenia and Phillipsburg Borough to rediscover the bucket. They believe he has four more time capsules buried under the school.

“It’s kind of like everyone got together,” Horton said. “Everybody just wanted to see what was going on with what we left behind.”

Now the group is working to find a way to categorize and store items.

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“We are just preserving the material we find,” said former student Scott Kollcer. “Hopefully we’ll save everyone’s memories so they can see them.”

https://www.wtaj.com/news/local-news/time-capsules-opened-at-old-philipsburg-jr-high-school/ A time capsule opened at the former Phillipsburg Middle School

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