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A Tesla fire will test the skills of local firefighters.news

CLEARFIELD COUNTY, Pennsylvania — At approximately 10:55 a.m. on November 15, emergency crews rushed to a vehicle fire on Interstate 80 in Clearfield County, where a Tesla spiraled out of control.

Several fire companies responded to the 137 mile marker by extinguishing what they said was “not a typical vehicle fire.”

according to Morris Twp.Fire company press release:

“When Engine Tanker 17 and Engine Tanker 19 arrived at the scene, it was quickly determined that this was no ordinary vehicle fire as the crew immediately used over 4,000 gallons of water. of water was used.

“To get an idea of ​​the severity, crews can typically extinguish a fully involved vehicle fire in about 500 gallons or less.

“Since the vehicle has a lithium-ion battery, an additional tanker is needed to extinguish this fire, as the vehicle will re-ignite and sometimes continue to burn violently. , it took a total of about two hours for the crew to continuously spray the vehicle with water before reigniting it and starting to maintain the high temperature.

“This vehicle burned so hot for so long that without the rims, you might not even know it was a vehicle.”

According to the Columbia Volunteer Fire Company, this is the first known Tesla fire in the area.

“Training and pre-planning to prepare for an accident like this is critical,” they wrote on their Facebook page. They said that knowledge was put to work and the case went smoothly.

“It was a great learning experience for everyone, especially with the automotive industry advancing as it is today.”

according to Auto Insurance EZ.comelectric vehicles start fires less frequently, but can be more difficult to extinguish than gas vehicle fires. No. 1. Gasoline cars are No. 2, electric cars are No. 3, and there are only 25 fires per 100,000 electric vehicles sold,” the website says.

Additional tankers to respond to the incident snowshoe fire brigade , Pine Glen Fire Company , Columbia Volunteer Fire CompanyWhen grass flat fire brigade.

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