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 7 tactics that will improve your Instagram engagement

Instagram has been largely used to network with people from across the globe. It has helped many users find their long-lost friends, classmates, colleagues and also connected them with like-minded people.

In recent years, Instagram has evolved to be the go-to place for several businesses too. Since it accounts for billions of users across the globe, it is relatively easy to get the word about your business across to them.

We know the power of social media in today’s time and Instagram is one of the oldest and most used social networking sites. If used wisely for business, it can help generate maximum engagement for your business/blog. In this article, we’ll discuss the 7 best tactics that you can use to level up your Instagram page’s engagement:

  1. Engage with your audience

This is the most basic requirement for any business page on Instagram. Engaging with the audience not only helps you in understanding them better but is a direct sign that their opinions matter to your business.

However, engagement doesn’t always have to be a question-answer round where you only ask for their preferences with regards to your business. You can also post thought-provoking or some personal questions that will help them relate to you and ultimately engage with your post. For example, if you are into the fashion industry, then you can ask your users about their favorite fashion hacks, or their go-to style, etc.

  1. Celebrate occasions

There is a reason why we see business pages uploading personalized images for different occasions. since it is important to stay relevant at all times, celebrating occasions that people care for helps in increasing your brand value and ultimately leads to more engagement.

You can include a limited period deal or offer for the said occasion, or ask people stories about what they love the most about the occasion and incorporate it into your business in some way. Apart from celebrating the usual occasions, try to celebrate pop culture too. This will bring the most engagement from young and dynamic people, the ones who use social media the most.

  1. Time your posts

There are way too many brands whose businesses are thriving on social media. The competition is cut-throat, so being visible is important for survival. You can’t post once in a while and still hope to grab eyeballs. You need to post frequently to be known.

Posting frequently doesn’t mean posting every hour. You need to time your posts properly so that your brand is always visible to the audience and yet isn’t taking most of their feed. Excessive posting is a major turn-off. Timing the posts will help you understand when your users are most active and bring in the best engagement.

  1. Use Instagram live

There is no better way to engage with customers than directly talking to them yourself. It feels personal and also makes it easier for people to have their queries addressed immediately. Also, people are more likely to engage themselves in a live video than a timed one.

While we are at this, it is important to understand that you can’t use Instagram live for every little thing you do. You can use it if you are launching something new or want to take people’s opinion on something or just to address their queries, every once in a while.

  1. Boost your posts

When you post on Instagram, different posts get different reactions. Some might become people’s favorite while others might struggle a bit. Since Instagram has a cheap and easy advertising option, you should make use of it on your most liked posts.

Boosting one’s post helps in reaching more people across the globe. You can easily set up the amount and number of days you wish to boost your post for. Boosting has always helped in bringing better engagement to posts.

  1. Use humor

The way to a person’s heart is by making them laugh. Humor always helps in garnering more attention as no one doesn’t want a chuckle now and then.

Incorporating humor into your content is difficult as what is funny to you might be offensive to someone else. So, know your audience type well and use memes or jokes that will give them a reason to laugh as then only they will share your post with other people, which will improve engagement.

Also, funny content is more likely to get viral than a normal one.

  1. Participate in popular trends

New trends go viral on Instagram now and then. If you can utilize these trends to your benefit, engagement on your Instagram page will increase. All you need to do is to keep an eye out for trending topics in your industry.

Participating in popular trends helps in increasing your visibility on social media. People notice you more and are more likely to land on your page.


Instagram is quite a useful platform for growing one’s business. There are several Instagram business tools too that you can use to increase engagement on your Instagram page. Use these tools wisely and timely to ensure maximum engagement.

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