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6 Simple Steps to Buy the Right Watch

Buying a watch for the first time can be overwhelming with the variety of watches available in the market. Whether you are looking for daily wear and tear or formal or semi-formal occasions, there are different brands and models to enhance your personality. 

Every man wants to own different watches as they vary in style, class, features, and quality. Ask any watch collectors or connoisseurs what it is like to own a watch and you will receive a specific answer, even  singer Ed Sheeran has a substantial watch collection  that is not random. 

There are several watches out there that offer different features and tricks. While boasting with a dive watch or luxury watch is a great conversation starter, knowing what they do is important and how relevant it is to you. 

So before you purchase your desired watch, consider these methods to find the right watch for you: 

Type of Watch 

The type of watch will help you narrow down your choices. When you are picking a watch, the four most popular types of watches you will come across are analog, digital, hybrid, and automatic. 

According to your need, you must choose the right type of watch, for instance, analog is considered classy and stylish for a formal setting whereas digital is perfect for outdoor activities and casual meets. So pick a watch that best meets your personality or needs. 

Decide Your Budget 

Having a price point or a budget is essential as it will allow you to explore the several watches in the market within range. The price of each watch will vary depending on the design, brand, style, movement, material, and so on. That’s why you need to know why you need a watch so that you set a budget accordingly. 

Most people when buying a watch they go overboard while others are happy with a $50-$100 watch. So if you are looking for a budget-friendly smartwatch,  have a look at this guide for cheaper smartwatches around $50  today.

Keep in mind that watches can be ridiculously expensive so don’t stretch your price point outside your comfort zone but also don’t settle for a cheap watch. 


One of the most important factors when choosing a watch is the material. The quality of your watch is highly dependent on the material as it will also affect the price of the watch. Some of the materials you will come across are plastic, metal, resin, gold, platinum, brass, silver, and even wood. 

Different brands use different materials to enhance the quality of their watches. So make sure that you research the materials used in your desired watches before buying them. 


The movement of the watch is one of the vital components and important attributes of the watch. There are three types of movements when it comes to watches, quartz, battery, and mechanical. The type of movement also influences the price of the watch as it is the power source of the timepiece. 

Each movement has advantages and disadvantages so before selecting the movement of the watch, it is important to understand how they function. Battery-powered watches are the cheapest and typically used for casual watches. 

Quartz is considered more precise compared to battery watches and mechanical is the most luxurious watch as it is self-winding, which means wound by hand.

Style and Function

By now you have come across different watch styles and functions that are designed for different environments or events. Watches come with different features that give the ability to measure different variables such as running, swimming, and even heart rate monitors. 

The most common types of watches are dive watches, pilot watches, field watches, sports watch, and smartwatches. These watches vary in size, style, design, price, and function. It is important to note that these watches can range anywhere from simple, easy-to-read watches to high-end luxurious watches. 


Many watch companies in the market have been designing and creating timepieces for many years. When searching for a watch, you will come across many watch brands that offer different types of watches. For example, Casio is widely known for its digital features whereas Rolex is known to offer classy, luxurious watches. 

Each brand has its designs, style, price range, and styles that attract individuals from across the globe. Choosing reputable brands in the industry will ensure that you find a good value and quality watch. However, keep in mind your budget as the costs can be as simple as $50-100 to more than $10K. 

Final Thoughts

Buying your first watch is exciting and by following the above 6 steps you can find the right watch for your wrist. 

No matter the type of watches you love, do not buy on impulse but do enough research before determining your desired watch. So in order to find the best watch on the market, it is important to  stay updated with all the latest news


How to spot watch brand imposters?

The easiest way is to avoid malls and visit an authorized dealer as they have trained salespersons who can help you buy your watch.

Is buying watches a Good Investment?

Yes, especially when you purchase a unique and luxury watch they can be a great investment. The market for these watches keeps changing so as a result, the prices of these watches go up. 

Which type of watch is the best?

There are many types of watches in the market such as dive, dress, pilot, casual, smartwatch, and many more. So when choosing a watch make sure they are based on your style, personality, preference, and need. 

Is a solar watch better than an automatic?

While mechanical watches are known to last longer, a solar watch is much more accurate as it has a rechargeable battery instead of a disposable one. 

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