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6 Creative Ways To Add Colors To Your Home

Staying indoors most of the time has perhaps made you realized that your abode is need of a revamp. Everyone needs to have a pop of color in their life, and that desire extends to their residence as well. Your place doesn’t need to be picture-perfect for it to look cozy and stylish. Rather, it only needs to have those little touches here and there that will makeit lively. There’s no better time than now to make those changes.

Color is one of the most powerful decorating tools. And, when you use it correctly, it’s the best way for you to add that personal stamp to your property.

You can have that splash of color in your homeby following these useful tips: 

  1. Have Flowers Around Your Place

Flowers are an effective way to add a streak of color to your haven. A place with bright hues is a breath of fresh air.

Floral arrangements you can choose from are varied, so you’ll get to choose one according to the styleyou want. They don’t have to be expensive. You can find some at supermarkets or trusted flower shops or retail companiesthat offer a variety of blooms, such as a selection of their bouquets in Washington or in other areas. You’re bound to find an arrangement that’ll suit your fancy.

To find one that’s perfect for you and take care of it well, consider applying these tips:

  • Choose flower stems that are sturdy, so they can last through longer days in your home;
  • Buy blooms that aren’t fully opened yet, so you can enjoy seeing them blossom;
  • Change the water every day or every two days to prevent bacteria from building up and to let your flowers live longer.
  1. Repaint Your Front/Back Door

If your home’s exterior can still look great with a front or back door in a different shade, then this is another pop of color you mightconsider. Repaint your front or back door with another hue, which will leavea lasting impression on your guests.

There’s nothing as welcoming as a warm entry. Anda lovely and freshlypainted door will suggest that the property is well kept and well maintained.

6 Creative Ways To Add Colors To Your Home

  1. Create A Feature Wall

There may be certain nooks or alcoves in your home where you have a plain big wall. This may be a reason why your dwellingappears unappealing. If you want to focus on transforming those areas with pops of colors, go for a mural or a wall painting.

Just be careful, though, so as not to make your feature wall clash with the textiles of the room you’re painting them in. That way, you can still have that burst of color you want in that space without it looking overwhelming.

  1. Paint Your Ceiling

If you don’t want to design your walls, you can always opt to paint your ceiling. This is a good way to add an unexpected patch of color in your home. You don’t necessarily have to go all out with bright hues. Even muted shades of grays and browns can make all the difference.

Astreak of color on your ceiling will give your place some character andimpress your guests.

  1. Hang Some Artwork

You don’t need an extensive collection of fine art, like those you’ll find at art galleries, for you to include artwork in your home. There are so many different art forms you can find that aren’t expensive, but they’ll still make a significant impact in giving your residence more flair, such as prints and photographs.

When it comes to design, there’s nothing quite as reflective of your style and preference than the art you choose to hang on your walls. Apart from adding color, artworks make your home look more lived in and comfortable.

  1. Mix And Match Your Cushions

Cushions and throw pillows can add some life and style to plain couches. Gone are the days when everything on your sofahas to be identical or monochromatic. Today, the key is to mix and match.

To spice things up in your living area, you caninclude cushions of different colors, sizes, and textures. The bigger your couch is, the more you’ll have leeway to freely do this.

In short, you can instantly elevate what would’ve otherwise been an uninspiring room.


As you can see, there are so many ways you can add some lively touches to your home without necessarily going through a major revamp. Even with a few thoughtful touches to your interior, you can make that impact and transform a lackluster space into one that stands out.

You can do this on your own or with the help of a trusted contractor. Just be sure not to overdo things. It’ll help to refer to a color chart as you redecorate.


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