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50 years later, Warren Western Reserve football team honored for state championship game

WARREN, Ohio (WKBN) – At the Harding-Urslin football game in Warren on Friday night, the players of the 1972 Warren Western Reserve football team celebrated the state champions they won 50 years ago in 1972. Ship was honored. A high school cafeteria where you talk about old times.

Aaron Brown (defensive tackle) is one of the stars of the ’72 Warren Western Reserve football team. When he entered the cafeteria on Friday night, everyone wanted to say hello and hug him. Brown went on to play for Ohio State University and his NFL.

“We were outstanding. We were always ready to play. We had a great coach,” Brown said.

Greg Patterson (Safety): “We are not against anyone.”
Reporter Stan Bonney: “Today?”
Patterson: “Today”

Stan: “At what time?”
Patterson: “Anytime (laughs).”


Brandon Giovannone creates a video presentation about the ’72 team, which Western Reserve High School won 12-0 in just six years, in Ohio’s first state championship decided by a computer-generated playoff, not a sportswriter’s vote. Explain that you won.

Head coach Joe Novak said, “We had some big players, but we had a lot of great high school players, kids who competed and played hard.

“We love to hit, and that was our hallmark. Told.

Dr. Washington attended Cornell University and has been a veterinarian for 40 years in Columbus. His wife says she often remembers her football days at Warren.

“He’s proud of what he’s accomplished. In fact, he considers it the foundation of all his success so far,” said Janet Butler-Reid.

At one point, four players were posing with championship rings.

It was a night to remember the glory days and renew old acquaintances.

“Plus, we were a confident team.

Mason went on to General Motors Research Laboratories and found success in business. Five of his members on that team graduated from Ivy his league school.

The 1972 Warren Western Reserve team also sent three players to the NFL, Brown and his brothers Ross and Jimmy Browner.

https://www.wkbn.com/news/local-news/50-years-later-local-state-championship-team-honored/ 50 years later, Warren Western Reserve football team honored for state championship game

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