5 Tips to Bring Buyers to Your Open House

It is safe to say that all aspects of the housing market are competitive. From competing for the best homes and the best prices to making the best offers and acting quickly, getting your property noticed can be difficult.

Thankfully, there are ways to get your home in the spotlight. If you are a real estate agent or independent seller looking to advertise your open house, here are five tips to bring buyers to your door.

1. Engage Buyers With Deals

To make your open house more appealing, advertise any financial arrangements and accommodations agreed upon by the owner. Post an oversized photo of the house’s best features and display them on your ads.

You want to engage your buyers by appealing to their real estate planning as much as possible. Invite direct hard money lenders to your open house to speak with potential buyers. If the house is a particular style, such as a craftsman or Tudor home, or has access to amenities like a neighborhood pool or tennis court, these are also things you want to list in your ad to intrigue more people.

2. Do What Others Don’t Do

When you start to plan for your open house, schedule your showing for earlier in the week. Most open houses occur towards the end of the week or on the weekend because most people are home and are available to attend such events.

If you’ve done a good job advertising, you won’t have any trouble gathering interested buyers earlier in the week. This way, you’ll avoid the competition from other open houses taking place on the same day.

3. Use Social Media to Advertise

Be sure to list all of your property showings and open houses on your website and social media pages. You want to consistently engage your audience to attract new potential buyers to your showings. Make sure you research the best hashtags and post times to get your open house noticed by people local to the area.

If you’re not too savvy with marketing, you can consider hiring a marketing agency to take care of this aspect of advertising for you. You should also be using organic advertising such as signs and flyers displayed throughout the local area. Utilize your resources and reach more potential buyers.

4. Keep Open House Flyers With You

When appropriate, engage with those you cross paths with and hand out flyers for your open house. If you strike up a conversation with a cashier clerk or find yourself in a similar situation, these are other opportunities to hand out open house flyers.

The more you advertise your property, the better your chances of rounding up enough interested candidates to purchase the home. You can also keep flyers with you to post on bulletin boards wherever there is access.

5. Make the Event Special

Try to attract people to your open house by making the event seem fancy.  For example, you can host a neighborhood-only event and invite the local neighbors over for a private open house. The more exclusive and alluring you make the open house seem, the more likely it is that people will take an interest, share news of the open house with friends, and ultimately provide you with interested buyers.

The Bottom Line

Bringing interested buyers to your open house is about strategic advertising. As with any client-driven goal in business, how you advertise your product will make the most significant difference in the sale outcome. Utilize the ideas in this article as you advertise for an open house that attracts the kinds of buyers you’re looking for.

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