5 Tips On How To Buy A Real Gold Chain

A gold chain is perhaps the most predominant yet misconstrued asset. Many of us believe that a gold chain is a simple one-choice item, but we dare disagree.

The reason is that not all gold chains are alike. They have varying styles and lengths, making it a challenge to pick out the “one” meant for you. We will be telling you the five basic rules that will come in handy when choosing the gold chain of your dreams!

Tip #1: Identify what you’re going for:

Of course, there are masculine and feminine chains – chunky and light ones, which is why you need to know which one it is you are looking for. If the objective is for regular wear, then opt for a chain that will withstand any daily scratches, and last you a long time. In this regard, it would be ideal to find nice 10k gold chains online that would greatly fit.

These chains never end up going out of fashion, and you can wear them over anything and everything! Wearing jewelry doesn’t have to be limited to one gender, but here, what we beg of you is to consider what you are targeting and then shortlist accordingly. This will save you ample time, we promise!

Tip #2: Knowing Your Chains Inside Out!

When choosing gold chains for men or women, you have to understand that there are materials which your gold chain will be made of.

Some categories of it are:

Solid Gold: Here, your chains can be made of either 10K, 14K, 22K, and beyond. This means that your chains won’t have 100% pure gold on them, but they will certainly consist of greater luminescence and strength.

Gold Plated: In this case, the non-gold alloy (the chain) will be submerged into molten gold to create a coating. This is relatively inexpensive, and the maintenance is as easy as binging on a Netflix show during the weekends.

Tip #3: Paying Heed to the Thickness of The Chain:

The chain’s thickness isn’t only meant for aesthetic purposes; it is also there to fulfill a ton of practical uses as well. If you want your chain to be able to hold a pendant, then ensure that the chain is thick enough to support its weight. The issue is that thinner chains are prone to get tangled easily, and at times, aren’t well-suited to carrying the weight of your pendant.

Hence, if the need is to make your personality stand out while searching for the best gold chains for men, the thickness should be your priority! After all, the first thing someone is likely to notice is your face, and neck which is why the first impression is imperative, and you have to make a statement!

Tip #4: Assessing the Length of Your Chain:

Trust us; when we say that size matters, it isn’t because we want to sound corny or funny. We mean it! If the deal regarding gold chains that you want should impact, then wearing either too long or too short chains can be a hassle. The length we advise is from a 14 inch to a 22-inch chain, which is suitable for regular wear.

Shorter chains are your best companions if you are looking for something lightweight and usable throughout the duration of the day. On the other hand, chains shorter than 14 inches are not something we advocate. We don’t want to get choked! But they do look good if you have a rock party to go to.

Additionally, longer chains look dope during the winters, on top of a turtleneck of your choice. They are classy and best for special occasions when you are going out or have to attend a gathering of some sort.

Tip #5: Evaluating Your Style

You know yourself better, which is why you have to make sure that the chain you choose is in accordance with your dressing and style.

Everyone has a preference, and if you are someone that likes a minimalist look, then larger, chunky chains are your best bet! But, if classy and elegance is your middle name, then delicate, thin chains are your go-to!

How to determine the Best Online Jewelry Place To Shop From:

A great jewelry place will have:

  • A stellar reputation,
  • Good customer reviews,
  • Specialized staff,
  • Co-operative management, and reasonable rates depending on the type of chain chosen,
  • Outstanding customer service,
  • Return and exchange policies,
  • A variety,
  • High customer retention, and
  • Accreditation as a “Trusted” and “verified site.”

Please do bear in mind that this isn’t a comprehensive list but a checklist designed to make your gold chain scavenger hunts a lot easier.

Luckily for you, that we at value our customers above all. We have an entire collection of gold chains for men, which you can scroll through on our website.

Is there a catch associated with this? Are you dreaming? Nope!

We have gold chains meant for all budgets and styling preferences. They are all unique and only available in a limited quantity. You sure won’t regret shopping with us. Best of all? We are a corporation that condones employees’ safety rights and acknowledges the need for rigorous testing of our jewelry pieces before delivering them. With us, it is safe to say that you are in great hands!

The Bottom Line: Everything Matters When In Search Of The Perfect Gold Chains

Gold chains are not child’s play, and there are many outlets from which you can purchase them. But if you want the best gold chains for men and want to put an end to your jewelry finding struggling by finally being able to find nice 10k gold chains online that would greatly fit, then ItsHot is the comrade you need.





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