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5 Starbucks in Philadelphia closes due to employee strike – NBC10 Philadelphia

At least five Starbucks stores in Philadelphia were closed Monday morning as workers protested what the workers’ union called the coffee company’s “unprecedented campaign to bust unions.”

with the representative Starbucks Workers United It said the action comes as the group “fights for the right to associate free from fear, intimidation and coercion from Starbucks, to work in safe, safe and respectful workplaces, to work for workplace equity, including living wages, guaranteed working hours, consistent schedules and protection from grievances and unfair discipline.”

Starbucks stores at 10th and Market Streets, Penn Medicine Perelman Advanced Medical Center, 20th and Market Streets, Broad and Spring Garden Streets, and 9th and South Streets were scheduled to close Monday in support of the strike.

Over the weekend, workers gathered at City Hall to urge the city council to “require that Center City districts only contract with local union coffee shops” for coffee shops contracted to operate in Dilworth Park.

Starbucks is now open there.

“The trade union movement is really important because it reminds people of our rights as workers and the idea of ​​labor exploitation. We want to be respected, noticed and respected.

More than 8,500 employees are unionized at more than 330 stores in 41 states, according to Starbucks Workers United.

“Today’s strike has been empowering. It’s been great to see workers from all over the country come out and show up for us. This is ongoing history. The days of workers being exploited for their labor will be over and we will get back what we owe as workers,” said Devin Moore, a Starbucks employee at Penn Medicine, in a statement.

The unions allege that the coffee giant “reduced hours, closed stores and threatened workers as part of a scorched union-busting campaign.”

A Starbucks representative contacted by NBC10 claimed that union representatives did not attend a scheduled negotiation meeting.

“We tried to schedule negotiations for hundreds of stores, but Workers United only sat down with Starbucks to negotiate 10 stores,” a Starbucks representative said in an email.

The representative said the company is “ready to proceed directly with authorized unions on behalf of its partners and encourages Workers United to schedule future store negotiations.”

As of Monday morning, there was no timeline for when those stores would reopen.

https://www.nbcphiladelphia.com/news/local/5-philly-starbucks-close-as-workers-strike/3610262/ 5 Starbucks in Philadelphia closes due to employee strike – NBC10 Philadelphia

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