If you’re tired of hearing the same advice over and over again about skin care routine, it might start to sound hollow, like when told to drink more water, wear sunscreen every day and remove makeup before going to bed. Here, you will certainly get some unique and new tips:

Many of us are in the search for good skin care advice, but most of us want to know what other tips and tricks those with clear, shining skin use—because, let’s face it, we know they’re doing something special.

We have gathered most specific skin care advices by experts that you might not find anywhere else. Some of their most tightly kept secrets are listed here:

  1. Use multi-face masks

When it comes to maintaining your skin and keeping it clean, balance is very much crucial. You can’t merely remove the oils from your skin before providing it with the nutrition it requires. So first clean your pores with a black charcoal mask. After that, you can apply a cucumber mask to recover whatever moisture your skin has lost. You can also use egg yolks mask to improve skin elasticity. This mask can indeed moisturise and calm the irritated skin.

  1. Choose an ice pack to minimise redness

Ice cools and firms the skin, tightens it, and elevates it, but it feels restorative and invigorating as well. When your skin feels heated, swollen, or exhausted, you can simply put an ice cube in plastic wrap and apply it. This technique of icing is convenient since it can be done anywhere, for example, in a bedroom, or at the workplace, or even on an aircraft. The technique takes about a minute or two to complete.

  1. Facial steam makes skin relaxed and revitalized

For facial steaming, you need to fetch a bowl of hot water (not too much) and if you want you can add some mint tea, and cover your head completely with a towel while your face is over the bowl, so that steam covers your face and opens up every pore of skin. This trick can give your face a deep clean and remove all the dust and makeup particles that get stuck in your pores every day.

  1. Consider using natural skin care products

We all love to use lots of skin products. A few of them are potentially hazardous to our skin. So, try to use organic products to protect your skin. When you use it, it could be rather unpleasant; it could have a distinct odour but it won’t damage your skin rather it makes your skin incredible.

  1. Consume a lot of vitamin C and vitamin D

Vitamin C is an antioxidant that can prevent you from UV damage, serves to cleanse the liver, which makes the skin healthier, shinier, and firmer. On the hand, Vitamin D is also very good for your skin. Yes, excess of it can cause damage to your skin and lead to several kinds of skin issues. Sunlight contains vitamin D, so a little bit of sun exposure slows down bacterial growth on the skin’s surface.

Above enlisted suggestions, if followed regularly, can help you attain that coveted glow on your face.

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