5 Pennsylvania Driving Laws You May Violate

Pennsylvania (WHTM) — For many Pennsylvanians, driving to places they want to visit in their spare time is part of life.

Many laws have been enacted to protect drivers and make sure people are driving safely. However, some people are breaking these laws without even knowing it.

Here are five laws that Pennsylvania drivers may be unknowingly violating.

1. Windshield Obstruction

According to Title 75 of the Pennsylvania Code,

“No person shall hang, place or mount any object or object in such a position as to materially obstruct, obscure or impair the driver’s view through the windshield or inside the rear-view mirror. , do not drive a motor vehicle, constitute a safety hazard.”

That is, you cannot drive with an obstacle hanging in your rearview mirror. For example, handicap placards are removed before driving and are only used when the vehicle is parked.

2. Hide license plate

Title 75 is the state of PA. The code says:

It is illegal to have license plates on your vehicle that:

(1) So dirty that numbers and letters cannot be read from a reasonable distance.

(2) The adequacy of an automatic red light control system deployed pursuant to Section 3116 (relating to Automatic Red Light Control Systems in First Class Cities) or Section 3117 (relating to Automatic Red Light Control Systems in First Class Cities); is obscured in such a way as to impede reasonable movement.certain municipalities);

(3) is illegible at a reasonable distance or obscured in some way;

75 PA Cons Stat § 1332 (2014)

This means that nothing can be placed in front of the license plate to obscure it from view. This may mean certain license plate covers or other devices that make it difficult to read the numbers and letters on your license plate.

The penalty for this is a summary offense and can result in a $100 fine.

3. blinker

This is a major frustration for many drivers and it is against the law not to use turn signals. The Pennsylvania Code says the following regarding lane changes:

On the roadway, no one may turn a vehicle, move from one lane to another, or enter a lane from a parking position. unless such movement is in reasonable security or the appropriate signals can be given in the manner set forth in this Section. .

Title 75 Pa .CSA Vehicles § 3334. Turning motions and required signals.

The law also stipulates that if you are traveling over 35 mph, you must signal 300 feet before turning. If you are traveling 35 mph or less, you can wait until your turn is 100 feet away to use the signal.

According to Fienman Defense, if you are found guilty of a turn signal violation, you will have to pay a fine, but you will not receive any points.

4.Use of two-way wireless communication

The laws regarding the use of wireless communication devices while driving are very strict.

No driver shall operate a motor vehicle on any federal highway or highway while using a two-way wireless communication device to send, read or write text-based communications while the vehicle is in motion. it won’t work. When reading, selecting or entering phone numbers or names on interactive wireless communication devices for the purpose of activating or deactivating voice communications or calls, we do not send, read or write text-based communications .

PA Title 75 § 3316. No Text-Based Communications.

If you are caught using your device while driving, the law states that you can face summary charges and pay a $50 fine if convicted.

5. Use of the express lane

The Pennsylvania Law State states the following regarding left-hand traffic restrictions:

Vehicles must not overtake another vehicle traveling in the same direction, driving in the middle of the road or to the left of the marked center line. To be carried out completely without hindrance to operation. In all cases, the overtaking vehicle must return to the permitted lane of travel as soon as practicable and if the overtaking movement involves the use of the permitted lane for vehicles approaching from the opposite direction, Before coming within 200 feet of an oncoming vehicle.

Pa Code Title 75 Section 3305

If you want to pass, the law also says:

“In all events, an overtaking vehicle must return to the permitted lane of travel as soon as possible, and overtaking movement is permitted for vehicles approaching from the opposite direction before coming within 200 feet. with the use of the designated lane. Oncoming vehicles.” 5 Pennsylvania Driving Laws You May Violate

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