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5 Important Supreme Court Precedents about Divorce

Before taking any divorce decisions and steps, couples strive for self-education in the field. Getting to know about divorce precedents, discovering documents and forms, sharing experiences with other divorcees, and more allow people to prepare better and create a clear picture of what to expect long before the divorce. 

Here are some of the crucial divorce law cases that can change your view on the divorce procedures so that when filing for divorce you will manage to do your best with no hurdles. 

Owens v. Owens: New Hope 

The case hit the headlines several years ago when Mrs. Owens decided to divorce her husband due to irreconcilable differences. She had been married to Mr. Owens for 40 years but couldn’t stand living with him anymore. The woman moved out a couple of years prior and then filed for divorce. Her spouse refused to end their marriage, and their case went as far as to the Supreme Court of the UK. In the end, Mrs. Owens lost the case since she failed to meet the criteria stipulated by the 1969 divorce law.

The case has raised many discussions and drew attention to the no-fault divorce legislation in the UK. Fortunately, in 2020 a new Divorce, Dissolution, and Separation Act was passed that comes into force in autumn 2021. This means that Mrs. Owens has another chance to quit her marriage successfully this time.

Martin v. Paltrow: a Nice Trend

Chris Martin and Gwyneth Paltrow’s divorce was a landmark in the history of family law and divorce trends. The famous singer and an Oscar-awarded actress were married for 10 years and had two children. They decided to split up peacefully and were first to name their divorce conscious uncoupling.

 Nowadays, this term means that both spouses acknowledge their fault in their marriage not working and are ready to analyze and realize their mistakes. The divorcees remain friends and strive to make the divorce process and post-divorce life maximum comfortable for each other. 

This is what happened to Chris and Gwyneth. They managed to come to terms in no time and separated peacefully. They still spend holidays together and with their kids and have amicable relationships. Since then, many couples have followed such a divorce scenario to end their marriage with peace and benefits.

Valli v. Valli: Community and Separate Property

Frankie and Randy Valli decided to get divorced after more than 20 years of marriage but couldn’t come to terms with an insurance policy division. The case was that Frankie bought a $3.75 million policy and named his wife as the owner and the beneficiary. When the divorce came, Randy appealed that the insurance was her separate property since it was her name on all the documents. The case went as far as to the Supreme Court in California, and Frankie managed to prove that the policy should be divided as the community property since he bought it and the payments were transferred from the joint account. 

The case became a famous example to follow when it comes to community vs. separate property division. 

Young v. Young: a Long Divorce

Scot and Michelle Young were married for 11 years before they initiated a divorce case that made them worldwide famous. Their divorce proceedings lasted up to 8 years and included over 60 hearings. 

Scot Young was a property developer and was accused by his wife of having hidden financial information during a divorce. Michelle Young claimed her husband was hiding assets of 40 million pounds. Although Michelle won a case and was meant to get over 10 million pounds from her husband, she claimed she never got a penny and accumulated a massive debt for attorney’s services. 

Scot Young tragically died, and his 40 million pounds have never been located. This made the case not only long but one of the top tragic divorce precedents worldwide. 

Bezos v. Bezos: a Pleasant Promotion

Jeff and McKenzie Bezos were together for 25 years before they decided to drift apart. Their divorce became a world-history top expensive one. Since Bezos was the richest man at the moment of divorce, his wife got beneficial outcomes as well. They reached a divorce settlement where McKenzie earned as much as 68 billion. The divorce turned a former Mrs. Bezos into a third-world richest woman.

Final Thoughts

The world-known divorce cases show us that the best and simplest way to end your marriage is to file for divorce in PA online and finalize everything peacefully. Honesty, fairness, and sympathy will only add benefits to your divorce case outcomes. So, get well-educated, prepare in advance and remain human in any situation and you will be able to terminate your relationships with ease.

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