4 Tips to Choose an All-Round CBD Product for Your Family

4 Tips to Choose an All-Round CBD Product for Your Family

Over the past decade, the CBD and hemp industry has exploded across the globe. As the multiple benefits of CBD continue to be discovered by more people, the popularity and demand for quality products have dramatically increased. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to find the right CBD product for your family due to the flooded market.

CBD has been shown to be safe for every member of your family, including your pet. The incredible health benefits of CBD include a boost to your immune system, correction of problem skin, powerful anti-inflammatory properties, and the stabilization of mood disorders.

Choosing the right CBD product will take some time, experimentation, and research. You want to find an all-around product like the quality CBD from Joy Organics that will serve each member of your family. Let’s take a closer look at a few tips to help you choose the right CBD product for your family.

Cultivation Process

The cannabis plant, from which the compounds in CBD are derived, are excellent bio accumulators. This means that they do a good job of removing nutrients from the soil, including pollutants, fertilizers, and heavy metals. To ensure that you are getting the best quality product for your family, you should try to obtain an organically and locally grown product. When you choose an organic product, you can rely on strict soil regulations that produce a consistent product. You should also choose a product with an organic delivery system like coconut or olive oil.

Extraction Method

A quality CBD brand will be transparent about its extraction methods. If you want the purest product, you need to look for something that has used a CO2 extraction process. In contrast, other ways to extract this healing compound involve excess chemical processes that can leave harmful contaminants in the product. Avoid products that use butane or propane extraction methods. The cold ethanol process is another safe extraction method, but not as common. Keep in mind that products that use the CO2 method take more time to process, which is usually reflected in a higher selling price.

The Entourage Effect

CBD products come in three different formulations: Full Spectrum, isolate, and Broad Spectrum. Full-spectrum is a product that contains various cannabinoids, vitamins, and minerals. An isolate is a concentrated form of individual compounds. The broad-spectrum is similar to the Full Spectrum but will contain a small amount of THC.

Suppose you are looking for a CBD product that is good for various ailments, including anxiety, pain, mood disorders, insomnia, and inflammation. In that case, you may want to consider a Full or Broad Spectrum product. The presence of various compounds in a full or broad-spectrum product creates the Entourage Effect, where they work together to combat more than one health issue.

Certificate of Analysis

Every responsible user of CBD products should be concerned about what is in their product. The safest way to ensure that you are getting the best ingredients is to request a Certificate of Analysis which is testing that is conducted by an unbiased third party. Your COA will contain a list and measurement of all included ingredients. A reliable COA will list the levels of all contaminants and the specific concentration of CBD and THC.

If you are looking for a natural choice to treat your chronic pain, make your skin glow, improve your depression, or help you sleep, CBD might be the solution for you. Follow these tips to help you choose an all-around CBD product for your family.

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