4 Different Types of Metals Commonly Used in Exterior Signs


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One of the most reliable elements utilized for manufacturing is metal. Due to its numerous variations as well as the several properties that are beneficial in most industries. The extent of its durability surpasses most of the materials such as plastic, wood, and glass.

Furthermore, its malleability and flexibility make it a versatile material capable of withstanding most weather conditions. Rain or shine, your outdoor signage stays the same and remains without any damages or dents.

Selecting the right kind of metal for your outdoor sign may be difficult as you have a lot of variations to identify, compare and choose that best suits the features you are looking for.

Choosing the best metal will surely be a time-consuming task but don’t worry! This article will be providing you with the important information that you will need about the kinds of metals mainly used for signages.

Below you will find the list of common metals that are mostly recommended for outdoor signage purposes. Read through each type to know more about the properties and the benefits it provides.

Aluminum Metal

Aluminum is an abundant metal that is considered a pure type of metal and its supply comes directly from the Earth’s environment. Its properties include ductility, sturdiness, and lightweight. It is easy to cut through the material to form different shapes and engrave letters on the surface.

Aluminum is a go-to material for projects like outdoor signage due to the multitude of properties that best fits signage purposes. What is more amazing is the fact that it comes up with a coating that resists corrosion that allows the surface to shine even for many years as soon as the material is exposed directly to the air. Due to its weight, it is utilized as a house gate or wall decor.

Furthermore, they can be used as shade for those plants that do not require too much solar energy for their growth while at the same time adding some flair to the overall look of the garden. This is also applicable to ordinary homes where an aluminum gate enhances the facade of the building’s fraud.

 Brass Metal

 Brass is another common metal that is used mainly for infrastructure and home utility services. Examples of its usage include padlocks, doorknobs, and street signs that make use of aluminum combined with copper for a tinted look of the surface.

Similar to coppers, brass will create its patina and will appear a bit darker than the former as time passes by, especially when directed directly to exposure to the outside environment.

Brass as a material is reliable on most occasions especially for outdoor uses but will require the application of sealers to ensure that the color of the surface stays even when exposed to the external environment. Signages made of brass will have to be coated with special chemicals to retain the shiny effect.

Copper Metal

Quite the same with aluminum, it is also a metal that is found within the Earth and can be used for manufacturing with just its condition after it is mined. It is also one of the traditionally-used metals during the earliest civilizations.

What is impressive about this metal is its multiple properties that are advantageous to most industries today. Some of these properties include malleability, versatility, and corrosion resistance.

Thus, this specific metal type is best for a wide range of applications like electricity wirings, water pipes, and kitchenware. Aside from these, copper is an attractive-looking type of metal, probably the best-looking among all the other metal types.

Copper is a distinct metal, you can immediately spot it just by looking at its surface which displays a reddish hue. This feature is something you can consider in your signage project and no doubt copper can grab attention once displayed publicly.

Cor-Ten or weathering steel

There are just times when you do not have to rely on fancy metals for signages. Steel for outdoor purposes was only just painted and coated metal which was done to protect the surface from quick rusting. But, as soon as the steel demand increased, steel innovations were done, and then came the Cor-Ten.

Cor-Ten was developed to address the increasing demand for steel that stays durable when used outdoors as well as remove the additional burden of placing paint and coatings on the surfaces.

The innovative steel is an initiative by the United States Steel Corporation for infrastructure-related purposes and is beneficial to construction projects. However, it is still a work in progress when it comes to dealing with external factors but architects, engineers, and designers patronize the material in the creation of modern homes.


While it’s best to consider the type of signage to have, we highly recommend that you go metal. There are just different types of metal signs ranging from aluminum to ShieldCo rusted metal signage for you to choose from. But we remind you that doing in-depth research first is better before getting into the process quickly because this project is an investment that should have a good value for the money you’ll be spending.

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