3 Time-Saving Strategies for Effective Email Marketing

If you’re like most of us, distractions seem to be at an all-time high. Nothing feels normal. Whether it’s having more people at home, balancing homeschooling with your career, or dealing with constant worry, everyone is busy. These circumstances drain your time, energy, and focus.

When your attention is stretched thin, dedicating any time to emailing and nurturing your subscribers becomes challenging. But don’t worry! This is when automation and creative content strategies can become your best email marketing allies.

3 Time and Energy-Saving Strategies to Keep Your Email Marketing Active

1. Automatically Email New Blog Posts to Your Mailing Lists

When time is limited, you might debate whether to add a new post to your site or send an email to your mailing list. With an automated RSS-to-email campaign, you can do both at once. Set up the campaign, and new updates to your site will automatically be emailed to your mailing list on a schedule you choose. No more deciding between creating a new post or writing a new email—post the update, and the email sends automatically.

2. Resend Evergreen Content from Your Website

Resending older content from your site is a great way to provide relevant information to your subscribers, keeping your email list engaged without needing to create new content. Even if distractions are high, it only takes a few minutes to edit and resend an email from your archives or to send a new email with previously published content.

Worried about resending content to people who may have already seen it? Remember, your open rate percentages don’t always reflect the same subscribers. If you average 17-20% open rates, it’s not the same 17-20% each time. Still hesitant? Add a note at the top acknowledging the resend. Your list will likely understand the time crunch and appreciate the value you provide.

3. Revive Archived Funnels and Past Email Challenges

Have you created any courses or challenges? When your time and energy are limited, it’s a perfect opportunity to offer them to your subscribers again. Make a few edits if needed, then update or create new forms and share them with your list. You can even set up tags or custom fields for future targeted mailings, keeping your list engaged and emailed.

FeedBlitz clients can easily restart any funnel campaign, sending subscribers who previously completed the campaign back to the beginning. You can also clone existing funnel campaigns to diversify your email offerings and set up new campaigns powered by sophisticated automation.

Keep Your Email Subscribers Engaged, Even When Time is Limited

These three tips allow you to fully leverage automation capabilities, saving you time in both normal and stressful circumstances. In a true set-it-and-forget-it fashion, you’ll keep your list active and engaged, ensuring they’ll still be there ready and listening when things return to normal, without taking up too much of your time.

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