2 local attorneys Brian Macala and Mark Kolmacicvye for Campbell, Ohio judge

CAMPBELL, Ohio (WKBN) – After serving the last 23 years as Campbell’s Law Director, Brian Macala believes he’s well qualified to become judge.

“I have the ability to be able to step right into the position without there being any change or need to go through a learning process or anything,” Macala said.

Macala is one of two local attorneys running to succeed Judge Pat Cunning, who cannot run for another term because of his age.

Macala’s opponent is Mark Kolmacic, whose father was the city’s first-elected judge and wants to follow in his footsteps.

“I believe it would be a crowning achievement in my career in the practice of law for over 40 years,” Kolmacic said.

This is the sixth time both men have faced each other for office and the eighth campaign for Kolmacic. He was elected law director in 2007 and served just one term but this time around, Kolmacic is using Macala’s past against him.

“The voters in the city of Campbell need to justify in their own minds whether or not they want a candidate who’s been accused of forging documents.

Macala is currently under review by the Ohio Supreme Court for the way he handled an estate case in his private practice, where he admits to signing another’s name.

“I did something intentionally that I should not have done. It was not a mistake, and we are prepared to go through that process,” Macala said.

But Macala also says Kolmacic has his own issues such as trying cases in front of his father when he was judge, despite what Macala says was an obvious conflict of interest.

“And it took the Supreme Court to step in and take the very unusual step of actually disciplining a sitting judge,” Macala said.

“I was not the focus of that investigation, and they found that there was no misconduct. So, with that said, I think that’s ancient history,” Kolmacic said.

Voters will decide on November 7. 2 local attorneys Brian Macala and Mark Kolmacicvye for Campbell, Ohio judge

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