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About the district: The eleventh still includes all of Lancaster County and the southern half of York County. One of his municipalities, Yaborough, in York County, just north of the Dallastown Borough, was added. We lost part of Jackson Township, but added the entire York Township.

population: 755,278.

Partisan make: Of the 497,731 registered voters, 53% are Republicans, 31% are Democrats, and 16% are independent or third party voters.

Race Summary: Pennsylvania lost one seat in the US House of Representatives this year. This is part of the country’s continued population growth shift from the Northeast and Midwest to the South and Southwest.

Losing a seat typically results in a large overall shift in district boundaries, but Pennsylvania’s 11th District has changed little from its pre-Census boundaries.

Republican Rep. Lloyd Smucker, born and raised in Lancaster County, is seeking a fourth term and, as expected, hopes he will gain more clout if Republicans take control of the House after the election. is. Smucker is a member of the influential Ways and Means Committee and helps set the country’s tax and trade policies.

Against that policy backdrop, Smucker has spent much of 2022 blaming the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats for their handling of the economy, blaming their spending policies for creating the highest level of inflation in 40 years.

His opponent is Bob, who became a Democrat only after Republican elected officials failed to denounce former President Donald Trump in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack on the U.S. Capitol. Hollister, he said. Smucker condemned the violence but voted against Pennsylvania’s electoral vote — a step said by the incumbent that could point to the poor management of the Democratic Party over the 2020 election in the state.

Hollister emphasized voting rights on his campaign website, saying politicians should work to protect rather than limit franchises. He was a longtime superintendent of the Lancaster County School District until he retired earlier this year, and has spoken out about supporting teachers and creating fair funding schemes for public schools.

The 11th ward is bright red. In 2020, Smucker won more votes than Trump in Lancaster County, easily defeating his Democratic challenger. His campaign remains well-funded thanks to his incumbent and important board seats for the business community.

Hollister, on the other hand, has relatively little funding and only began actively campaigning in February after officially announcing its retirement from Elanco. National Democrats aren’t targeting the race as a potential pick-up opportunity.

Bob Hollister

Party: Democratic Party.

Year: 56.

address: Millcross Road, East Lampeter Township.

education: Graduated from Lancaster Catholic High School. BS, Technical Education/Industrial Arts Education, Millersville College. MA, School Administration, Villanova University. Accredited, Secondary School Principal, Lehigh University. Accreditation, Superintendent of Education, Lehigh University. Ed.D., Educational Leadership and Administration, Lehigh University.

Profession: Former Superintendent of Easter Lancaster County School District.

family: wife Jennifer and two daughters.

Main support: National Education Association; Lancaster County Democratic Commission; Lancaster Mayor Dannen Soles; Former Lancaster Mayor Rick Gray. Tom Baldridge, former president and CEO of the Lancaster Chamber of Commerce. Delaware Senator Chris Coons. Eugene DePasquale, former Pennsylvania Comptroller. State Senator Mike Starla. Lancaster City Council Speaker Izzy Smith-Wade-El. York Democratic Party Chairman Chad Baker. Bruce Beardsley and Sally Rydal, former chairmen of the County Democratic Commission. Ann Womble, former chairman of the County Republican Commission. Lois Ha, former chairman of the Lebanon County Democratic Commission. Dr. Judith Higgins. Jerry Eckhart; Mike Evey; United Auto Workers; Pennsylvania AFL-CIO;

If elected in November, what are your top two priorities for when you take office?

At the core of our democracy are two basic rights. The first is voting rights. Rather than trying to remove this sacred right, our leaders should work to ensure that everyone’s voice is heard. Elections must be fair, accessible and safe to ensure that every citizen’s voice is heard.

The second is education. Access to education should be fair and equitable, but educational outcomes should not be determined by zip code or family income. A quality public education, with pathways to families and thriving careers, is the foundation on which this country continues to grow.

If elected, how will you deal with inflation?

The first thing to recognize is that the current inflation situation is the result of supply problems and global shocks from war and coronavirus, coupled with corporate greed in sectors such as the oil and gas industry. I don’t blame the current administration for inflation. Inflation is high all over the world, and it’s not just an American problem.

The main solution that exists to solve the supply problem is to produce more products in America. Congress needs to prioritize American manufacturing and end the tax loopholes that bring manufacturing abroad.

Will you support putting a constitutional amendment to a vote next year to make abortion illegal in Pennsylvania?

I believe in protecting women’s rights to choose as personal and private health care decisions that should not be controlled by the government. We know it is gerrymandered in a way that does not reflect Direct voting on this issue gives those affected by such decisions that option and prevents possible undemocratic takeovers of individual rights, including physical autonomy.

Voters say they are fed up with partisanship and its effect on governance. If elected, how will you contact elected candidates and voters who are affiliated with other political parties?

In the early stages of running for Congress, I met with Republicans, independents, and Democrats to get strong and diverse advice on my path, and I keep at it.

In Congress, I will continue to reach out across the aisle and seek input from people of all political ideologies. I will continue to hold public events, public forums and town halls so that I can.

Lloyd Smucker

Party: Republican Party.

Year: 58.

address: Deerfield Drive, West Lampeter Township.

education: Graduated from Lancaster Mennonite High School.

Profession: Member of the House of Representatives since 2016. He is the owner of H2O To Go Inc., a network of self-service purified water dispensers.

family: Wife Cindy, daughters Paige and Regan, and son Nicholas.

Main support: Lancaster County Republican Commission, Pennsylvania Pro-Life Federation, National Right to Live Commission, Moms for America.

If elected in November, what are your top two priorities for when you take office?

When the Republican Party regains its majority, we will fulfill our commitment to the American people. Strong economies, safe nations, futures built on freedom, and accountable governments. As a member of the Budget Committee, I will reform the federal budget process to curb reckless spending and ensure that the government does not waste trillions of taxpayer dollars and burden future generations. I’m working hard. Families in the 11th congressional district can’t afford the extravagance of the Democrats. Instead, we need to implement pro-growth policies that put more money back into the pockets of hardworking Americans.

If elected, how will you deal with inflation?

The biggest concern I hear from voters is the impact of inflation. Prices are rising and our family costs an extra $600/month. First, the reckless spending of the Biden administration and Congressional Democrats must stop. Instead of supporting policies to reopen the economy, they are just printing money and ignoring economists. can do. We must make the tax cuts passed in the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act permanent for low and middle income families. These tax cuts increased median household income by more than $5,000.

Will you support putting a constitutional amendment to a vote next year to make abortion illegal in Pennsylvania?

Democrats and media fearmongering on this issue do a disservice to voters and women who have experienced unplanned pregnancies. I do not believe that the people of the 11th congressional district support the barbaric practice of late-term abortion being advocated by extremist Democrats. I am proud of my lifetime advocacy voting record and believe the U.S. Supreme Court made the right legal decision against Dobbs. We should have a choice, but that’s for the state legislature, not the legislature.

Voters say they are fed up with partisanship and its effect on governance. If elected, how will you contact elected candidates and voters who are affiliated with other political parties?

The best thing about this job is the constant interaction and communication with people throughout the district, and I always appreciate the opportunity to talk to people who might disagree with me. and believes that Biden and Democrats in Congress made it worse by keeping dissent out of the legislative process. I am optimistic about the vision we have presented to get our country back on track with a Republican majority advancing an agenda that builds a better future for all Americans. 11th Congressional District [Voters Guide] | | PA Rights and Policies

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