YouTuber Mel Thompson dies at age 35 | Entertainment News

YouTube star Mel Thompson died at the age of 35.

Makeup artist and cosmetology blogger, whose final video was uploaded to the platform a few days before her death, died tragically over the weekend, her husband Puffin Thompson confirmed on Monday night (09.27.21) Did.

Along with a lot of pictures, he wrote in her Instagram account: “Mel died sadly yesterday. It’s really hard to pick 10 photos.

“We lost a beautiful person. I just wanted to show the smile she brought. I have to answer the texts of many people who just check in her without even knowing she died. I had to.

“It’s great to see how much she was loved, and she loved all of you right away. I will continue to love her and miss her forever.”

He has not revealed the cause of death.

Puffin praised her as “a pillar of our family.”

“She was such a pillar for our family. Children talked to her non-stop, she always talked to them and tried to help them in their work.

“And no matter how sick she was, when I came and jumped into the bed next to her while she was tirelessly trying to get the content out, she still shook my back. I rubbed it. “

He described her as “really nice” and selfless, adding that he wanted to “regain her.”

He continued. “Everyone knows how talented she is as an artist and has her useful knowledge, but the people closest to her know how really she was.

“She would have done something to help someone without thinking. I wish she came back.”

Last year, Mel had no plans to have children, but after giving birth to four children, she said she would “not exchange places with anyone.”

She states: “I grew up saying I always have no kids. I’m 4 years old today and I don’t exchange places with anyone. I’m very grateful to have such a great kid and a great family.

“Being a mom can be rewarding and very frustrating at times, but it’s always more rewarding. For my baby (you’re always a baby for me) I sincerely I love you.”

YouTuber Mel Thompson dies at age 35 | Entertainment News

Source link YouTuber Mel Thompson dies at age 35 | Entertainment News

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