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Youngkin, McCorriff Meet for Debate in Northern Virginia | Nationwide

Richmond, Virginia (AP) — Democrat Terry McAuliffe and Republican Glenn Youngkin were scheduled to meet Tuesday night for a second and final debate in Virginia’s tightly monitored governor’s elections. ..

Five weeks after the election date, early voting is already underway, so recent polls show that McAuliffSeeking a second term after the first finish in 2018, and Youngkin, Former executive and political newcomer.

Democrats made big profits in Virginia while former President Donald Trump took office and had full control of the state government, but Republicans More lively and optimistic about their chances This fall, they are more than years ago. With only two regular governor elections this year, the contest is drawing national attention as a potential indicator of voters’ sentiment towards the middle of next year.

After going back and forth many times this summer, Yongkin and McCorriff agreed on just two arguments. The first event, held on September 16th in southwestern Virginia, was primarily without major surprises and viral moments. Candidates’ sharply different positions on abortion and COVID-19..

The one-hour debate on Tuesday, hosted by the Northern Virginia Chamber of Commerce, took place on the campus of a community college in Alexandria.

According to the organizers, NBC News political director Chuck Todd moderated the debate, and NBC4 North Virginia Director Julie Carrie and Telemundo 44 reporter Alberto Pimienta asked questions. The show was scheduled to be broadcast live on NBC4 and other NBC affiliates in the state.

Princess Branding, an activist and educator with long-term third-party bidding, was not invited to participate.

Also, this fall’s ballot will include all 100 seats in the House of Representatives, in addition to the Attorney General and Vice-Governor elections.

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Youngkin, McCorriff Meet for Debate in Northern Virginia | Nationwide

Source link Youngkin, McCorriff Meet for Debate in Northern Virginia | Nationwide

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