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Victoria Newman (Amelia Heinle) Although she may be a savvy businessman, she is often guided by her mind. So she and Ashland Rock (Richard Burgi) I didn’t know each other for a long time, the two are set to tie a knot Young and restless.. The bride and groom are working hard on each other, but the union is Vicky’s ex-Billy (Jason Thompson). When a wedding officer reaches the “or keep your peace forever” part, does he or anyone else near Vicky stand up and oppose it?

TV Insider is Vicki’s parents, Victor (Eric Braeden) And Nikki (Melody Thomas Scott), And brother Nick (Joshua Morrow).Includes Leslie Brooks (former cast member) Janice Lind), Victoria’s nephew Noah Newman (Show Rookie) Rory Gibson), And Sally spectrum (Courtney Hope), I managed to get rid of the coup by providing the bride with an original wedding dress. Read some pre-ceremony scoops!

Is Victoria really ready to marry this guy?

Amelia Heinle: She — but she’s worried about Billy and her brother Nicholas [Morrow] Ruin everything.

They are protective. Who is likely to disagree — Billy or Nick, who turned out to be a big family reporter who revealed Ashland’s true past?

Heinle: She is very worried about Billy and Jesse Gaines [Jamison Jones], Ashland’s past man.

What does she like about Ashland?

Heinle: She was impressed that he was a great businessman.Maybe he reminds her of her father [Victor, played by Braeden]??

There are similarities. Let’s talk about the wedding dress designed by Sally.

Heinle: beautiful. absolutely, beautiful.. I really like it. I chose it with the designer.I fully agreed [on] How gorgeous.

Sonya Fleming / CBS

Sally was looking for compensation for committing the vicious act of helping Summer (Hunter King) Get her dream job in Italy. Why did Vicky set her mind aside and adopt Sally’s design?

Heinle: I think Victoria did this because this wedding is of utmost importance to her. She is completely focused on the perfection of this day. After she tried on the dress and made sure it fits perfectly and is beautiful, she could see past what Sally did. They even made peace.

How about that Palazzo set! It’s very impressive in today’s difficult economic situation. What did you think when you saw it?

Heinle: Exactly what you just said — I couldn’t believe they were spending a lot of time, effort, and money on it.It was old-fashioned Y & R.. Richard, what do you think?

Yes, Richard, please. I have ignored you.

Heinle: That’s because I keep talking about him!

Richard Burgi: As Amelia said, I thought it was great and really nice. Every time I stepped on the set, I was taken to Tuscany. I wouldn’t have been able to fall in love with the bride on TV anymore. Ashland has made quite a few changes to her.

Sonya Fleming / CBS

Ashland’s ex-wife Tara, played by Elizabeth Reiner, was very aristocratic and unobtrusive. She did things near the vest before showing her true self. How was it working with her?

Burgui: She is a very funny person. [Elizabeth] He has a degree in social work and earns a living as a family counselor. She brings the charm of dealing with real-life experiences. Some actors do, others do not. She always worked hard and was ready to dig deeper.

Amelia, fans were asking where Victoria’s son Reed (Tristan Lake Leabu) was. The show gave you a one-way phone to deal with his absence.

Heinle: Yes. I was very happy. And there was a mention that the kids-Johnny and Katie-were out of the camera. They are very good at keeping connections between families.Ashland’s son Harrison [Kellan Enriquez] The illegitimate child was actually there.

Yes. Another DNA test was removed from the camera. Kyle’sMichael Miller) Is it a real father? Despite Richard, Showbiz’s maxim, you’re playing really well with Kelan.

Burgui: Yeah, he’s very sweet. Kids can be a handful, but they are fun. That is joy. You never know what you are trying to get. When working with children and animals, everyone shoots from the waist. That is also a fun part.

Have you ever crossed the road with Janice Lind (Leslie) in the New York soap scene in the 1980s?You both Another world But at different times.

Burgui: No. It was a lot of fun because I met him for the first time. She is very talented. I was watching an air show this week, and she was pretty good. I’m really forced into the talent level of everyone in this group. Everyone is very good. Each person brings uniqueness to his or her personality.

Janice Lind

Richard, this was supposed to be a short gig, but you seem to be staying indefinitely. how are you?

Burgui: They originally wanted me for 9 shows. What I really enjoy at this show is that the actors are working hard. We will have fun. Everyone brings a commitment to the material.

Did they give you the whole thing in advance that “Ashland is really a man named Bobby Defranco”?

Burgui: I knew things would collapse a little. I go through the material and try to be at that moment.

Ashland’s decision to ship Harrison to Italy seemed strange because Harrison might die, but you somehow made it work.

Burgui: Ashland has experienced so many changes and difficulties that he has been working on in his past. It eventually came down to what was best for Harrison.

Have you ever read a theory that fans came up with about Ashland’s true motivation? They range from Ashland beingn’t really ill, to being wary of Tara to take over Newman, to being lying to Vicky all the time.

Burgui: Negative. In fact, I’ve heard about some theories. My wife and I went back and forth several times. There are quite a few people who believe that Ashland is useless. I can understand it. But when you meet a good woman, it can change your life — even if you have a history of being a bad man.

Young and restless, Weekdays, CBS

“Y & R” Wedding Drama: Will Victoria’s Family Ruin Her Big Day with Ashland? | Entertainment News

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