Wyoming Seminary boy Lacrosse surpasses Crestwood to win District 2 Class 2A crown

Kingston — Matt Swarts and Jack Heron met in Lacrosse Field as a freshman.

They formed a bond in a post-match interview after winning the Second District Class 2A Championship together in Krasnerfield on Tuesday, including calling the opponent a “best friend” in each first sentence. I did.

Wyoming Seminary beat Crestwood 13-3, with his best friends scoring 5 goals and 3 assists, respectively.

Crestwood was the only team to win the District 2 Class 2A Championship in four tournaments held since PIAA divided the sport into two categories.

The Wyoming Seminary ended this season with a team meeting that shared the title of the Wyoming Valley Conference with Deladelphia in three ways.

Blue Knights and Comet are no longer the same as Tuesday night.

Swarts and Heron confirmed that.

All six assists combined occurred while setting up each other.

Now they know what to expect from each other in lacrosse fields.

“Matt and I were best friends, as far as I can remember,” Heron said. “We always went to the field together. We always had this goal of being a district champion together when we were in the backyard and when we went to the field.”

These championship debates became a reality when Heron, now in second grade, switched to enrolling in the Wyoming Seminary before first grade. That’s why Heron, from Dallas, the ultimate Swarts teammate in Harvey’s Lake, attended Wyoming Seminary Lower School this year to qualify for Varsity as a freshman in high school.

“In the year of the freshman when his parents decided to go to Sem, I gave him a fat hug and remember it was like,” We’re going to win the district championship together. ” “Swartz said. “It has finally come true.

“I’m shaving my butt every day. Just seeing it happen is like a dream come true.”

Swarts and Heron gave Crestwood a nightmare from the beginning.

After Heron hit the post on the first shot of the game, he carried the ball deep to the right and found Swarts in front for his first goal of 1: 14 inches.

Heron beat the 1-1 tie in the first quarter with 32.7 seconds remaining in the Wyoming Seminary, beating two men.

Blue Knights dominated from there, building an 11-2 lead and overtaking Comet 29-5 in the central two quarters.

Lucas Bartron added 2 goals and 3 assists, and Quinn Kelly made 9 saves.

Brendan Davis scored the first two Crestwood goals and Chase Pew added one with less than two minutes remaining.

District 2 Class 2A Championship

Wyoming Seminary 13, Crestwood 3

Crestwood `1`1`0`1— 3

Wyoming Seminary `2`7`2`2— 13

Crestwood Score: Brendan Davis 2 goals, Chase Pew 2 goals, Ostengrigas 1 assist.

Wyoming Seminary Scores: Matt Swarts 5 goals, 3 assists. Jack Heron 5 goals 3 assists. Lucas Barrtron 2 goals, 3 assists. Thomas Iskra 1 goal.

shot: CRE 21, SEM 44. Goalkeeper saves: CRE 14 (Ethan the Broski). SEM 9 (Quin Kelly). Human Benefit Goal: CRE 0-for-9; SEM2-for-9.

Wyoming Seminary boy Lacrosse surpasses Crestwood to win District 2 Class 2A crown

Source link Wyoming Seminary boy Lacrosse surpasses Crestwood to win District 2 Class 2A crown

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