Wyndmoor man makes probation on suspicion of child pornography

NORRISTOWN — A Wyndmoor man who insists that he wants to please a woman in an online relationship and asks to do so faces several years of court oversight and registration as a sex offender.

Jaron C. Battle, 28, of 1000 blocks on Willow Grove Avenue in the Windmoor section of Springfield Township, pleaded guilty to possessing child pornography in connection with the incident. , Was sentenced to seven years of probation in the Montgomery County Court. It happened in 2020.

“I think the defendant is clearly repentant,” said Judge Thomas C. Blanca. However, the explanation of his actions in battle is not an excuse for what he did, but his desire to please people is a concern. “It’s a serious personality flaw. It raises concerns for me.”

Blanca ordered the unprecedented battle to adhere to the recommendations contained in the psychological assessment and to continue treatment and counseling to address, understand and understand his problems.

Battle, an ambitious actor who appeared in local theatrical productions and once worked as a tip stave at the courthouse, also reports his address to state police to comply with Pennsylvania’s sex-criminal registration and notification laws. Faced with the 15-year requirement. Combat is also prohibited from unsupervised contact with minors.

“These images I downloaded aren’t for theaters,” Blanca told Battle. “They are real victims. I don’t know who they are, but they are real victims. The seriousness of this crime should not be underestimated.”

The judge warned the battle that if he somehow violated the probationary decision, “I will send you to a state prison.”

Before knowing his fate, Battle read the prepared statement in tears, loneliness and depression took over his mind during the shutdown of COVID-19, he began to drink heavily on the Internet, strangers. Insisted that he became a friend. He lived in Oregon.

Battle argued that women were more sexually experienced and “adventurous” than him, and that their contact times and contact times ultimately included phone sex. However, he said the battle had a “dark side” for women and she asked him to send pictures containing child pornography.

“I did it for her,” Battle claimed, “it was the worst decision I’ve ever made. I’m really sorry, but this won’t happen again. “

According to court documents, the Battle investigation received a Cyber ​​Tip generated by SnapChat in May 2020 by a county detective regarding child pornography content, specifically 26 files posted by users. It started when. Your SnapChat account was tracked down to Battle.

According to the arrest affidavit, the photo shows female children, including infants, sexually intercourse and sexually posing with adults.

With an investigation warrant, a detective appeared in Battle’s residence on June 5, 2020, and his cell phone was confiscated.

“The cell phone was inspected and reviewed,” county detective James J. Leap wrote in a criminal accusation. “Jaron Battle’s cell phone contained 45 images of child sexual assault.”

Detectives have determined that images of children under the age of 13 were exchanged multiple times via iMessage communication between March and April 2020. Prosecutors claimed that more than 12 images were posted via SnapChat.

Blanca rejected the prosecutor’s request for imprisonment for battle.

“This is a vicious source,” claimed Caroline Goldstein, assistant district attorney. “Every time those images are shared, those children are sacrificed. This wasn’t a one-time opportunity. It wasn’t just once.”

She added that “he did this consciously” while Battle blamed “this mysterious woman” for his actions.

Goldstein, who claimed that Battle minimized his actions, said child pornographic images are circulating around the world, and the children depicted in such content have been sacrificed for the rest of their lives. rice field.

Attorney George Griffiths Jr. insisted on a probationary decision in combat.

“He took positive steps to get treatment,” Griffith said. “This is what this guy was himself because he realized he had a problem.

“The word’no’is not part of Jaron’s vocabulary,” he said, and by maintaining online interactions with unidentified women in battle, he began his dark path. rice field. “He couldn’t say’no’because of his desire to please this woman.”

The battle was upheld in court by several relatives and friends, including some from the local theater community who appealed for generosity on his behalf. They described Battle as a friendly young man who was “kind and diligent,” “attractive to everyone he met,” and “great talent.”

“He’s the kind of guy you just want to wrap your arms around,” a woman who leads a local theater company told the judge.

The alleged criminal use of the communications facility was dismissed against the battle.

Wyndmoor man makes probation on suspicion of child pornography

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