WVW Board of Education approves transactions with managers and listens to masks

Kingston — At two consecutive meetings, the Wyoming Valley West Board of Education spent only a few minutes voting, but listened to comments on mask obligations to state schools and concerns about possible COVID-19 vaccine obligations. I did. Some of the speakers were the same people who raised the issue at the last meeting.

One woman quoted a “doctor’s declaration” signed by thousands of doctors who criticized public policy makers for implementing a pandemic “universal” treatment strategy.

Another woman stood on the podium with her son and noticed that she had a migraine and was unable to take the mask break promised at school. Other parents said that mask breaks were not provided frequently and that some teachers looked down on their children when they complained about the masks. Director Dave Tosh has promised to address his concerns by offering to get more specific information.

Tosh also defended district pandemic coordinator Anthony Dicton after some criticism.

“The man gets a call from another school district in the area for a way to handle things here,” Tosh said. He also pointed out that Dicton took the child to the Philadelphia Children’s Hospital earlier in the day, but still came to the school board to answer the question. “The man goes off his way to ensure the health, safety and well-being of students and employees.”

Almost all comments were critical of the district and state mask obligations, but high school senior Benjamin Bowen, a liaison to the board’s senior class student council, gave students a mask break as asked by high school teachers. He made the final comment saying he would give it soon, and that “hundreds” of students find it much safer to follow state masking guidelines.

Bowen said he was exposed to a person who tested positive for COVID-19 and contacted Dicton the next day, praising him for providing all the information and instructions he needed after the exposure. He said he associated his experience “only to focus positively.”

During the voting session, the board did the following:

• Approved the Act93 contract, which runs from July 1st this year to June 30th, 2026. State law, known as Act93, covers contracts with non-union members, especially managers, and covers 23 employees in Wyoming Valley West. Business manager Louis Cardoni said contract salary increases vary by job title, but are generally between 1% and 2% per year.

• Appointed Ryan Amos as a high school vice-principal with a salary of $ 67,500.

• Approved a memorandum of understanding with the Support Staff Union to raise the starting wages of part-time cleaners to $ 12 per hour.

• Accepted resignation due to the retirement of Susan Hodakowski, a State Street Elementary clerk.

• Accepted the resignations of aides Kimberly Ultosh, Jessica Polycare, Myra Lorilla, and cleaner Marlene Guminsky. Guminsky’s resignation came into effect on April 23, but in another vote, the board resolved to rehire Guminsky as a high school cleaner for $ 10 an hour.

• Approved the retirement of three employees for “Abandonment of Employment” and identified them by employee number only.

• Appointed Sara Zambito and Alysha Harvey as personal care aids for $ 10 per hour. Carina Marcella as a floating nurse assistant costs $ 100 a day. Marina Regan and James Donnelly work as cleaners for $ 10 an hour. Victoria Pickering as a support for autism is $ 10 per hour, and Amy Kaupp as a general mission aid is $ 10 per hour.

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WVW Board of Education approves transactions with managers and listens to masks

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