Wrapped in Wordle: A pandemic helping our brain

Pittsburgh (KDKA)-Did you find yourself immersed in the Wordle or Quordle fad? If you have-Congratulations-You are helping your brain!

And that’s exactly what the doctor ordered. Listen to today’s Wordle, whether you’re trying to guess with six chances, Quordle, or one of many spin-offs.

Dr. Jessica Caldwell, a neuropsychologist at Cleveland Clinic, said: “You are growing a new neural pathway. You are supporting the neural pathways of the old neural pathway.”

… is it available in English?

“The key is really challenging and learning. That’s the only way you’re actually exercising your brain,” said Dr. Caldwell.

She added that brain health isn’t just about being busy. Working as an autopilot or doing activities that just zone out after work does not provide learning opportunities or challenges.

Dr. Caldwell said the challenge the game brings is needed, but if you’re doing it out of peer pressure and you don’t like it, find something else.

“Keep working mentally as much as possible,” she said. “You are challenging, but you can keep up and want to find something you like it.”

It doesn’t have to take a whole day. Just a few minutes is enough.

“If it’s important to incorporate it into your day, it’s important to incorporate it into your week,” explained Dr. Caldwell. “You don’t have to run a marathon all day. It’s really a habit.”

Obviously, Wordle or Quordle and their descendants have taken a big step towards bringing the brains of crossword puzzles to the electronic generation.

Dr. Caldwell said some studies have shown that incorporating cognitive training exercises into your routine can help support your memory in the early stages of memory loss.

Wrapped in Wordle: A pandemic helping our brain

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