World’s top eaters win the Hamburg-er Festival Contest

At the 18th Hamburger Taste of Hamburger Festival held on September 4, the world’s top-ranked female fast-eating eater won the professional hamburger-eating contest.

Molly Schuyler of Harwood, Maryland, ate 22 burgers within the 10-minute time limit, surpassing the festival’s consumption record of 20 burgers.

“It’s really cool for a small burger town to win the championship,” said Deena Kershner, executive director of the Our Town Foundation, a non-profit organization that hosts an annual festival dedicated to burgers.

“Given that she is the number one female gluttony in the world and coming to Hamburg for this event, that’s pretty important.”

Skyler earned $ 1,000 by defeating other nationally renowned professional eaters who competed for the 2021 championship.

Molly Schuyler, a fast-eating eater in Harwood, Maryland, ate 22 burgers in 10 minutes and won $ 1,000 at the Professional Hamburger Eating Contest at the Hamburger Festival on September 4th. (Submitted Photo – Leann Sacks)

“It’s pretty important given that she’s the number one female eater in the world and coming to Hamburg for this event.” — Deena Kershner, Executive Director of Our Town Foundation

In second place was West Decatur Dan “Killer Kennedy” Kennedy eating 20 burgers for $ 750, followed by West Decatur Andy “Snack” Pull eating 14 burgers for $ 500. Sean “The Mouse” Jaeger from Phoenix Building was there. Telford’s Josh “The Goat” Krady ate 13 burgers fourth and earned $ 250, and ate 11 burgers fifth and earned $ 125.

Kirschner estimates that the professional burger-eating contest alone has attracted an audience of 3,000 on Second Street and State Street’s Beer & Burger Beer Gardens.

“It’s packed,” she said. “It’s exciting.”

The MC announces them one by one, and each hamburger eater chooses a song to play while the meal outcomes are announced. An autographed T-shirt will be thrown at the audience.

“The crowd loves that part,” Kirschner said. “Once they start eating, it’s 10 minutes and the crowd is really rooting for them. They shout,” Eat! Eat!'”

Kirschner said that what makes this diet contest a big part of the festival is the fact that they are professional dieters participating in Hamburg.

Hamburger Festival Professional Hamburger Eating Athletes Taste (not drawn in order): Molly Schuyler, Harwood, Maryland, 22 burgers. 2nd place West Decator Dan “Killer Kennedy” Kennedy and 20 burgers. 3rd place West Decatur Andy “Snack” pull and 14 burgers. 4th place Sean “The Mouth” Yeager of Phoenixville, 13 burgers. In fifth place is Telford’s Josh “The Goat” Crady, which has 11 burgers. (Submitted Photo – Leann Sacks)

Large crowd

Kershner estimates that 25,000-30,000 people visited the entire festival throughout the day, compared to an estimated 40,000 participants two years ago. The 2020 festival has been canceled due to COVID restrictions.

“We do it to benefit the community, the business district, and all the nonprofits that participate. It’s a fundraiser for them,” she said at the Hamburg Taste Festival. Talked about OTF hosting. “Everyone thinks they’ll make a lot of money with this, but they have to spend $ 60,000 each year and the staff’s time to wear it. If it makes a profit, we’ll give it back to the community. We are developing State Street Square. There is a grant, but the startup money came from the Hamburg-er Festival. “

According to Kirschner, the event was full, but not about two years ago. Overall, she said the reaction to this year’s festival was positive.

“People love this event. They look forward to it every year,” Kirschner said.

The festival also hosts an amateur burger eating contest. Over the past few years, the team has competed to eat the most burgers. This year, individuals can register and compete. Six hamburgers were placed on the plate in front of each competitor. The first person to eat all six burgers won.

Bernville’s Nick “Speed ​​Guy” Socolovich came in first, and Leesport’s Lewis “Noble” Weiger and East Norriton’s Dan “Dunlock” Nowrocki came in second and third, respectively.

Red Robin Gourmet Burgers and Brews was on site to sponsor a professional burger eating contest and provide burgers to participants.

The Peach Tree Cremation Service sponsored an amateur contest. Weiss Market provided burgers and bread.

The Professional Hamburger Eating Contest attracts a large number of people to the Beer & Burger Beer Gardens on Second Street and State Street at the Hamburger Taste of Hamburger Festival on September 4th. (Submitted Photo – Leann Sacks)

The best burger

Festival vendors competed to win this year’s coveted burger award.

Kooper’s Chowhound in Baltimore, Maryland won the Best Burger-Restaurant in all categories of Grand Prize, Appearance, Taste and Originality.

Leesport Odd Fellows and Rebekah’s won the Best Burger – Organization Grand Prize, as well as look and taste. Hamburg’s Boy Scout Unit 184 won the Best Burger Organization’s Originality category.

In Best Burger – Mobile Food Trailer, Cal’s Concessions of Wilkesbarre won the highest award and taste, Blazing Swine of Hummelstown was recognized for its appearance, and WOW Foods of Gilbertsville was recognized for its originality.

The Grand Prize for Best Burger Beginners was awarded to Bucky’s Festival Foods in Harrisburg.


In addition to the hamburger prizes, participants were able to participate in the fun of the festival by participating in the Mooing Contest and the Cow Ornament Contest.

In the Mooing Contest, Bethel’s Bonnie Emmerich was first, Hamburg’s Lester Miller was second, and Hamburg’s Morgan Miller was third.

Skylara Stevenson was first, Tate Hauseman was second and Ava Kennedy was third in the 2-4 year old cow decoration contest. At ages 5-7, Savvy Belliner was first, Samuel Hauseman was second, and Benedict and Edmund Vater were third. For ages 8-10, Audree Bruchez was first, Sophia Bachman second, and Zoey Hauseman third. Over 11 years old, Kennly Chwatell was first, Abby Christman was second, and Alyssa Burns was third.

World’s top eaters win the Hamburg-er Festival Contest

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